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Dai Nippon DP-DS80DX

Dai Nippon DP-DS80DX


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DP-DS80DX A Dye Sublimation Digital Photo Printer Capable of Duplex Prints

Space saving design makes for easy operation

DP-DS80DX Features

The DP-DS80DX is a printer suitable for services, such as high resolution duplex prints of photobooks or calendars at retail outlets or laboratories.

Capable of producing both duplex and simplex prints in a single printer.

The DP-DS80DX integrates refinements to the DS80 that facilitated high resolution high speed prints even while maintaining a compact size, and is a newly developed unit that makes it possible to supply sheet-type receiver paper and output duplex prints. Simplex prints use roll-type receiver paper and duplex prints use sheet-type paper, which can be set at the same time, avoiding media switching time and effort, and making it possible for a single printer to respond to both duplex and simplex prints needs.

Compatible with a variety of print sizes

As the DP-DS80DX is compatible with multiple print sizes, from a single size media, a variety of print sizes can be produced without changing media.

Compact design suitable for in-store services

With a compact design that is easy to install and to operate, the DP-DS80DX facilitates the expansion of on-demand printing services.

Ideal for the production of photobooks and calendars

It is possible to select gloss or matte finish for either duplex or simplex prints, making it possible to respond to diversified printing needs, including photobooks, calendars and greeting cards. As a result of an overcoat finish that can only be produced using the dye sublimation thermal transfer format, compared to other printing formats, the DP-DS80DX is ideal for print services, such as photobooks, that demand virtually non-adhesive print surface duplex prints.

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