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  2. EzController — Using .RAW files

    What is EZ controller version? Older versions can't open big files. Latest versions can do it. Try to upgrade.
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  4. QSS 3203 Pro Error PCB

    I have a QSS 3212 that is displaying the same error code 6822-0008. I have but 1 memory slot in the memory board #J390864 and it has a 512 MB SDR ram in it. The QSS 3212 loads digital images very slowly when using the PJP mode. Upwards of 55 second for each screen of 6 images. In the auto print mode the time between each 6 images is about 30 seconds. Is the problem likely to be insufficient memory?
  5. QSS 3203 Pro Error PCB

    can this thread be opened for additional help?
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  7. Hey, Thanks for your answer! When I use the HDD source and select my .RAW files, I get the error message "File too big — HD". The scans are MED so around 3000px on the wide side, for around 33Mb each. I tried to open the .raw with Adobe Photoshop, Irfanview and GIMP. Seems that this file format is quite unique...
  8. EzController — Using .RAW files

    Do the same how you make scanning to .jpg ( using scanner ) . Choose channel ( should be selected scanning and dis-selected print and indexprint ) , change source ( HD instead film ) , press Start and open .raw files. Then process and save files. If you set .jpg scanning service files will be saved in .jpg. Also can try to open .raw files with third parties software. If you can - just save as .jpg.
  9. Hello, Due to an unfortunate chain of events, I would like to produce JPEG files from a film order that I scanned+printed a few days ago. I already tried to re-run it from the Processed tab, but I cannot check the digital output checkbox. However, I can print it again. I was able to successfully locate the .RAW files (33Mb for each file) and managed to export the order from EzController. Does someone have an idea on how I might re-run the order (but this time with a file export), or maybe process the .RAW files? Regards, F. Setup : QSS 3502+ with LS-1100 scanner.
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  11. Slow Digital Imaging Controller Computer

    Yes, you are right. To use MS01 you need re-install all ( scanner and server ) . If you do not want change system and work with FDIA software then take some faster computer, install there Windows XP or W7 x86 ( 32 bit version ) . Then install import export software and can work as you worked before. On scanner do not need to change anything. Pay attention - on Windows XP , or W7 x86 have to use the latest version - 5.5-0E-976.
  12. Slow Digital Imaging Controller Computer

    But as far as I know, the MS01 needs a overall adjustment of the system, like updating the operational system to Windows 7 and updating the SP2000 computer. There is a step by step requirement and instalation guide to this?
  13. Kodak gs order image

    Dear friends I have a Kodak Picture Kiosk GS Order Station that has crushed. I dont have recovery disk, I only have kodak 305 printer driver disk. The computer is a lenovo mtq45nk motherboard running windows XP & KODAK Software KPK v8.2.1. May someone help me with recovery CD. My e-mail is fotodlux@gmail.com. Thank you.
  14. karl02

    Hi I have two 8800 printers which work well on the old media,I have now installed the new firmware and now find the printers will only print the yellow and then says ribbon jam? I have now put the old media back into the printers and they are both working.?I have reinstalled the firmware and still the same.Has anyone had this problem?At this point in time I have not had much help from Kodak.. Thank you
  15. Konica Software Additional Options

    Hi please contact me at jo_in_me@hotmail.com, i have super 700 r2 and i am having trouble achive good colours (too much contrast and strong whites) also my p2 goes yellowish and loose tones after every 2 - 3 months maximum. I didnt have so much problem with dnp papers, now i am forced to use fuji. I also want to get rid of ecojet. Thanks
  16. Ez Controller Program Timer

    Timer settings are stored not on EZ controller. Timer settings stored on minilab. From EZ controller you can just change timer settings. Even if EZ controller is OFF your minilab will start, if your timer enabled. Timer settings can change during post operation check, or go to menu directly.
  17. ARCNET Error - remove scanner from QSS 3300

    Original QSS3300PRO software need USB dongle. I have software and know how bypass no dongle error.
  18. Ez Controller Program Timer

    Hello, can someone tell me how to set the program timer(change the clock) or how to turn it off if it's possible and to explain how it works because for example at my lab the program timer it's set to 9:00 AM.. usually I don't select the option but sometimes when I'm in a hurry I turn it on and the next day the pc won't open at first but after a while it opens and works normally. Usually I turn the switch off on the machine when the shop is closed and in the morning I turn the switch on and power up the pc! I have some manual it says only what this functions does and nothing else neither how to set nor how to turn it off. Thanks, for reply!
  19. I send to you a p.m. check this.
  20. Hi, I sold this software for different clients for 300USD and never have problems for install this, if you buy of noritsu  is your decision.

    Where are you from ?

    best regards..

    1. statefilm


      Thanks for you help. I will do some more research and let you know if I need to purchase the software from you. 

    2. ALANSUR


      ok no problem 

      best regards..


  21. Okay thanks. Is it best to source it from Noritsu directly, or do you have any other recommendations?
  22. Yes, you need install software QSS-3300Pro, I have this software but this it´s not free
  23. Thank you. Would the original software that came with the unit work even though the unit was initially setup with a scanner? The original software I have is QSS-3300 System Program Kit Version 5.00.032. Or do I need to get a different software? If so, do you have any idea what software I need?
  24. Hi. you need change the software
  25. Hello, I have removed my scanner from the QSS 3300. I have removed both the LVDS and fiber optic cables. What else do I need to do to the QSS 3300 to clear the ARNCET error:ARCNET Error 6901-0010Scanner AFCThanks.
  26. Exchanging SP3000 software for long prints software

    Long length software for LP7100/7200 and LP5500/5700 are absolutely different. LP7100/7200 long length software was created by Noritsu for Fuji branded minilabs. Software not enough to have long length - need add hardware. If to install can print 914.4 mm ( instead original 610 mm ) . LP5500/5700 long length software was created by Fuji. Can be two long length options - to print 914.4 mm ( software + expensive hardware ) , or 640 mm ( only software ) . Without them - print length 457 mm. Have long length software for all these minilabs. All software from your your list also.
  27. hello everybody, i'm searching for the long prints modification software for LP7100/7200 and/or for LP5500/5700 I have some software for SP3000 to exchange: C4-C5 v.5.5-0E for XP A1 1.8 for windows 2000 MS11 v.2.0-0E-030 MS01 v.4.2 for windows 7 MS01 v.4.2 for windows xp and modules: MS12, MS13, MS16, MS18, MS19
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  29. Slow Digital Imaging Controller Computer

    I recommend use MS01 software
  30. Slow Digital Imaging Controller Computer

    Do you need change of software
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