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  3. Go to Maintenance: 2260 → Extension → Maintenance → Self-diagnostic → Image Path Check See what the result is. I would check the LVPECL cable from the Printer I/F Main PCB to Laser control PCB. J/P455 to J/P1513 Check all the cooling fans are operating. At a guess it could be either the Printer I/F Main PCB or the Laser control PCB or possibly a noisy power supply.
  4. I have 6.60. It can work on any Windows ( even W10 x64 ) . It can work with dongle, or without it.
  5. I recommend to check the frequency of each laser in the morning while lab makes such prints. Report here or to me.
  6. I doubt that Initial data from other printer will correspond yours one. Ask the vendor of the printer to provide you with Initial Data CD.
  7. Dear Dave S Sir, it is a common "laser type" laser unit and NOT iBeam model light source. thank you !
  8. Hello everyone, i have the Gretag MK4 on my photographic studio, both hard disk fail to work, and i want to take another 2 new, but i don'thave the Installation cd and software, it was never provide to me,  can you help me? A.aljabrry.ag@gmail.com my email 

  9. I am looking for a copy of this CD does anyone have one sdcomputers@ntlworld.com
  10. By Flash drive do you mean compact flash? If so, will it read if you put the card into a USB converter then plug it in to the USB port? The OS will show the card and files even if the profiles are not suitable for printing, so if the files are all in RAW format on the card the OS will display them but the kiosk will tell you there are no files.
  11. Dear Sirs, we have 1 QSS-3501 Plus that every morning we will have prints come out with many strips (see attached), No error message. After power restart machine becomes normal / good for rest of the day. It happens again next morning for several days already. Please advise what could be problem coming from ? ? thank you very much see problem prints here https://app.box.com/s/s1duy6l9cmbto9s3gdi2us7g6y80iwqq
  12. We have a Kodak G4 with the 5.3 software version that will not read flash drives. However, it will read smart phones when plugged into the usb port and it will read flash drives when you exit to the operating system. We have ran the recovery disk and the problem persists. Any ideas?
  13. thank's magenta the lines are width it's not a chemical scratches i removed the belt and cleaned but there's some scratches on the belt "the aluminium belt"i ll attach the picture of the belt tommorow
  14. we need more information what is the direction of paper travel? I suspect the line is across the width? if so the paper is stop starting so cleaning the belt was the first step. Its a repeated consistent banding line so it could be the subscan roller bearings, remove the belt with a gloved hand and spin the rollers listen for rough bearings or sticky points it doesn't take a lot to band. If the lines are down the print travel look at the racks on entry to P1 and P2 for any build up that can bruise the emulsion causing Plus density lines, hard to see from the one sample
  15. nobody know?????
  16. Hello. What details you need? All technical details written here. To run as Fuji you need MS-01, DL-430 connecting software, DL-430 system software, DL-430 image processing module, profile data and optional software for MS-01. Your choice, which optional software to use. At least would be recomended to use MS-16 ( six frame view; without it can see one frame only and print one by one ) . Fuji software can run from Windows XP or Windows 7 32 bit To re-program cartridges you need programmer or just change the chip ( can get them separately ) . Noritsu and Fuji cartridges are the same - just printed different text on box ( drylab do not see it ) and different information in the chip. Ink is the same ( made by Epson ) . If chip changed or reprogrammed for drylab that will be enough. By the way - now many third party companies make cartridges for Noritsu or Fuji branded minilabs. They sell the same cartridges - just use different chip. When you use Fuji software on cartridge chip should be information that cartridge was made for Fuji dry printer. If will be used Noritsu software then on chip should be information that cattridge is for Noritsu drylab. I have latest Fuji software with all manuals. If need - I can supply them, The most my customers use Fuji DL-430 with Noritsu software and Noritsu cartridges, but choice is yours.
  17. please email me details for complete software for use as Fuji DL430 what is needed to reprogram cartidges ? sdcomputers@ntlworld.com
  18. Our slides are not scanning the whole image frame. Can we get a slide to calibrate it or can we use a normal slide? What the best way to re calibrate the slide scans?
  19. Sombebody help please, with upgrade for kiosk g4 8.1, we bought second hand Kiosk but this one now is running lower version. thanks in advance! nanomaldonadodesign@gmail.com
  20. hello i need help urgently anybody have a solution?
  21. The ram sticks fixed the problem? Thx for replying! I have stripes/lines on my scans. Clean everything, but they come from time to time. (See rescent post). Thx!
  22. Hi, Has anyone managed to get an SP500 working on a mac without the virtual machine? We have ours working on a PC fine with the Frontier software, but would love to go standalone and run as a normal scanner. thanks,
  23. Earlier
  24. Hi, Scans from the SP3000 show colored lines/stripes frome time to time. Picture attached! I cleaned: Entire Image Box, cards and ram Leds Lens DSP 1: failure (set to invalid) Everything was fine until recently. Any options besides buying another GPA23? What causes this? Dirt, power, LEDs, memory? Thx for any help!
  25. For Kodak Picture Kiosk GS Order Station sir
  26. hello i got these lines all over the picture it's happen 1 time each 20 or 30 prints i cleaned the métalic belt and the right one on the subscan but it still happened can somebody got the same problem thank's i attached 2 pictures
  27. Hello good people! I have an old Hs-150 scanner and I would like to run it at home. What software/driver will be needed and where can I download it? Thank you for your help.
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