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  2. Hi, I recently bought a calibration plate and floppy disk for Noritsu qss 2901. The calibration data on the floppy disk is not reading, where can i get the calibration data from (download or buy) ? Best,
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  4. I don't think that this isn't recommended... Or did I get this wrong ? We just use a damp, lint free cloth, and scrub any paper residue off the rollers. What about those "rubber rejuvenator" chems that press people use ? We received a small bottle of it and have been itching to try it on the Noritsu rollers, but we don't want to mess up the paper magazine rollers ! What do you guys think ?
  5. Hello. I am searching for a QSF t15 parts list manual. Can anyone help me? Thank you.
  6. Fuji dx100 is 99% the same with D700. Noritsu dr08 should be the same with dx100/d700. All 3 are developed by Epson. Noritsu dr12 is based on an Epson printer ( i hope not based on epson D3000 which is a nightmare to service). DR08/12 are just a test. Noritsu marketing/sales team had a simple choice: keep the green series ( epson print head rated at about 1000000 prints ) or release dr08/12. Probably green series would sell very bad if a dr08 at about 3000-5000 $/euro would hit the market. I dont know why Noritsu does not develop a low volume/speed QSS at a price of 15000-25000 $/euro. That would kill the d700/dx100 market for photolab use. Regarding d700: I now own 2 D700. One of them is 3.5 years old and has over 500000 prints. I changed everything on it (motherboard 3 times from my fault ) except cutter which lasted far better then the recomended 100000 print and is still working. I changed about 5 print heads and 2 paper drawers. I used only epson inks and i print all of my clients print on it. Paper is not that important from my tests but epson ink is a must. For me D700 has been a God send replacement for QSS3001 ( i had 2 of them) . For D700 to be a good choice for you, you have to use it daily, give it epson ink and have a extremly good relation with you service partner. A bad think is epson order controller software. It's made by idiots. Probably just programmers without photo printing knowledge. It' also expensive if not in kit with D700. I forgot one small thing: quality of d700 print is enough for usual customer, far better then any thermal printer i tried but lower compared with QSS 3001
  7. MS13 V2.0-0E-011 is the version i have
  8. i had this problem before with 340, and the solution is throw away that crappy Fujifilm minilab get a real minilab like noritsu
  9. Well, i asked to Fujifilm Indonesia Tech Support, can i buy Fujifim DX100 ink house for Epson Surelab d700, he said, it cant be done because they are different printers...well i guess Fujifilm Indonesia tech not that smart huh....
  10. Last week
  11. Hi, i'm hengky. I have problem with frontier 350. When i print photo then the red color was abnormal. Many red line. But when i do print condition the color was normal. I attach the photo. I have change aom driver but still the same. Cleaned the socket n restart so many times then the machine work fine. But next day its appear again!! Please help me what i have to do. Many thanks
  12. Hi, I invite you to my blog where we analyze functions and solutions to failures kodak kiosk. At the moment it is in Spanish. Here we talk and we expose our views on everything related to kodak kiosk. From its operation, to its repair, through the solution to revive old models with new software versions, until the conversion of ordinary computers into trueros Kodak Kiosks. Visit us and ampiemos these subjects. Link: https://develandosecretosdelkioskokodak.wordpress.com regards Computer Technologies
  13. Hello. Yes, almost all parts are replaceable. These printers are almost the same. Difference only software, driver, maintenance utility, cover color and cartridges with ink. It is easy to make Epson from Fuji and Fuji from Epson ( have use other software, driver, maintenance utility, upgrade printer firmware, use other maker cartridges ) .
  14. Great. Fuji paper is much more slippery compared to the Kodak paper. It's a common issue when people change from Kodak to Fuji paper.
  15. @DaveS, so far so good after alcohol rubbing rollers inside the magazine. thank you
  16. well, my yellow ink was leaking yesterday, epson service centre also sell inkhouse and printhead as a package deal , they said because it needs a months to order the leaking parts, so if the printer do nothing at that periode of time, the print head is fails
  17. does Frontier DX100 and D700 can switch parts? PH, inkhouse, electronic etc ?
  18. Hi, can someone help, I need ms01 v4.2 install instructions.


    Thank you

  19. HELLO,PLEASE ANYONE HAVE INSTAL INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL MS01 V4.2 FOR LP5700 SP3000... Please Email. Immagetek@gmail.com Thank You.
  20. Thank you so much guys. I will try this and get back to you
  21. yustas

    Need Ms01 Software

    Please read a private message where I advised the right person to apply.
  22. Yes, default password is 2260. When password changed it can be different. You can remove password using boot CD.
  23. Hi, can anyone please help me with my noritsu 3501 plus? I did istallation on another PC conected with the Noritsu 3501 in the same network but I cant login anymore to the EZ controller. It keeps asking me for password. Operating systme in Windows XP. See an image attached. I will greatful if anyone can help me Kind regards Othmaqs
  24. hi everyone, can you help me for my scanner frontier sp3000 cannot connect to server DI, show error E-PO-1827 and E-PO-1775 (check the network connection and a service menu does not exist), how is the connection? Thank you
  25. jamire

    Need Ms01 Software

    need ms01 for win10 DX100 miroslavnp@hotmail.com
  26. E905 - Control Data Abnormal. Reset Data. The setting data are checked every 5 minutes during the drive is OFF. If they exceed the upper or lower limit, this error message is displayed. Then the check is discontinued but the error flag can not be cleared. The error message can be cleared by pressing the [YES] key, however, it is displayed again when the drive is attempted to start. Setting Limits: Setting Temperature: Replenishment Rate: 1.0 to 99.0 ml N1 to N4: 30 to 40°C Pump Output: 10 to 99 ml Dryer: 40 to 70°C Evaporation Rate: 0.0 to 50.0 ml Water Replenishment Rate: 0 to 300 IX240 replenishment Factor: 40 to 200
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