2017 - Minilab Help could face closure at the end of the year. Our outgoing running cost and time is no longer being covered by our sponsorship. 
With almost 10,000 members we have grown to be perhaps the worlds largest forum for Mini Lab Help. 
We would now consider the sale of this web site, please contact us if you wish to discuss. 

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      Mini Lab Help.com For Sale   03/16/2017

      2017 - Minilab Help could face closure at the end of the year. Our outgoing running cost and time is no longer being covered by our sponsorship. 
      With almost 10,000 members we have grown to be perhaps the worlds largest forum for Mini Lab Help. 
      We would now consider the sale of this web site, please contact us if you wish to discuss. 

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  2. Noritsu QSS-3102 Turbo Lane Selection

    Update: We deliberated and decided that what we will do to correct the issue is capture 6x4s at our API from our storefront, border them to be 8x4, then load a magazine that is loaded with 6" paper to read as 8". Since the Turbos fo not split lane the 8", this will address our issue. Other solutions we discussed were splitting our 6" orders into one image per order so they would center lane, and lastly to border our 6x4 prints and print on 8" paper then cut afterwards to trim.
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  4. Does anyone know if SPFE (Society of Photofinishing Engineers) is still around and if so contact info. It used to be trough PMA which is now The Imaging Alliance but am having no luck finding any information on it. Sabrina
  5. Fuji DL430

    Try set inches instead mm on product menu.
  6. QSS 3201 Power problem

    What I do this problem resolved
  7. QSS 3201 Power problem

    5508error how solve
  8. How To Connect Kodak G4 To Ms01?

    If the Kodak G4 Kiosk has the Fuji enabler loaded it will allow orders to be printed on a Fuji Frontier printer from the Kodak G4 Kiosk. MS01 software has nothing to do with the G4 Kiosk, MS01 is the software that drives the Fuji Frontier printers.
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  10. How To Connect Kodak G4 To Ms01?

    Dear Dave S, Please teach me what advantage(s) to connect Kodak G4 with Fujifilm MS01 software ?
  11. QSS 3201 Power problem

    Teddigunn did you find anything ? . . . to share ?
  12. Glava na fudji frontijeru

    Uradila 6700 fotografija i sada stalno trazi ciscenje
  13. FMPC installtion manual

    help me, i need fmpc software and Manual installation pdf Here is my e-mail: vivokamel@gmail.com
  14. Fuji Dx100 with Epson Order controller

    Dear Sir Can i have the Order controller Activation Key ? Thank U
  15. Fuji Dx100 with Epson Order controller

    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t6ben5aclnpyzuc/AABYCshU8ssJjPiC5y5R7yGPa?dl=0 HERE is sl d700 printer driver
  16. Fuji Dx100 with Epson Order controller

    I have Order controller with activation, but i dont know how to make it to see dx100 as a printer, maybe some special driver needed ?
  17. Fuji Dx100 with Epson Order controller

    maybe this can help https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uetq16j547stxxa/AAAKlhUtqvqKd_wCSg2XBkdVa?dl=0 Surelab Order Controller
  18. Did someone tried to use Dx100 with Epson order controller software ? Since it is way to faster and it can work on any windows, i would try to work on it.
  19. Hello tekie, can you please help me with the Capacity Booster F, I lost my CD and I can't Install it. Thank you very much.
  20. Fuji Frontier 350 Error W-2406 (2)

    Hello Im having same problem in my machine frontier 375.how did you solve your problem.thanks in advance
  21. Ask about DX100

    Hello everyone i want to ask about dx100 How often id your printer clog when first start, especially on monday when sunday you dont print. how u use the printer do you turn it on morning and keep it turn on until you close or you just turn it on the printer when there is an order to prints and turn it off when it finish ? how many prints do you prints on average per day
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  23. Frontier 370 Developer Startup from CP48LR

    Hello All, I was curious if anyone has ever changed out their developer working tank on a Frontier 370 using the mix from CP48LR box instead of buying 4 boxes of the developer startup that would cost a $$$. A tech friend of mine heard it was possible but is not sure of how to do it. Thanks!
  24. Hello I'm considering buying a Imagus 1500 scanner. Can anyone provide a link to sample 135 and 120 negatives in full scanner resolution? Thank you.

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    10.00 GBP

  26. noritsu qss kpt3300

    Do not need EZ controller to run QSS3300. To run it is enough system software, profile data and optional modules ( correction, program features and etc ) . If you want can use EZ controller to print on QSS3300 from external computer. Have all what you need - system software to run QSS3300 with scanner, software to run QSS3300 without scanner, new profile data and all optional software modules. Also have the latest Ez controller, which can work with dongle or without it. Contact, if need something.
  27. please kindly send me the download links to download ez controller and necessary drivers to keep my qss kpt 3300 printer running. wakinmuyiwa@gmail.com
  28. Noritsu 31 PRO processor fan

    Yes, some fan's works only when temperature is too high. Why to cool down circulation pumps, if there temperature is too low and heaters work. If you saw that fans rotate then fans work - just controlled by temperature sensor circuit.
  29. Epson d700 using Frontier S Software ?

    sir, Kindly mail me the Order Controller 3.2. It will be very helpful to me Thanking U uclbph@rediffmail.com
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