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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hello good afternoon everyone knows where I can get the EZLAB see 2.01 thanks

  3. Looking for V50RA software

    Here you go: https://files.fm/u/uk8p9bdj
  4. Hello, I have a V50RA and the machine only have the SM version of the software on the EEPROM, does someone here have the good software to help me ? Many thanks !
  5. Hello,

    I saw on an old post that you had the software for a Noritsu V50RA, I am desperately looking for this since months, would you be kind enough to give them to me ?

    Many thanks, have a great day !

    1. kodak_service




      I did not encounter any problems that required the replacement of software in these devices. What happened to your V50?

  6. Last week
  7. T15F scratching film

    There's enough used T15s in warehouses around the USA to supply used parts until the year 2100, but it's nice to get new when possible. No joke literally hundreds if not thousands of them sitting in storage.
  8. T15F scratching film

    Support for QSF-T15F and all other QSF-T15 film processors discontinued at the end of 2017. Can buy parts, if they still on stock. Still supported QSF-T15LV film processors ( until end of March 2021 ) . The most parts on QSF-T15 and QSF-T15LV are the same.
  9. T15F scratching film

    I have an account with Noritsu, parts are ordered. Every iffy looking roller and new crossovers. You could build a T15 from scratch just from the parts book nothing is discontinued. The white is from Noritsu Digital Masking, when it gets confused it makes it white so you can see it to fix it manually. It will do the same to dust if it can't match the surrounding area. I scanned film not run through the squeegee and known good film that was previously processed and there's no line. I ruled out the scanner first. You can see the line on the negatives that run through the squeegee. I'll post a picture of the damaged roller.
  10. T15F scratching film

    I might have thought if you are seeing a white line on your prints it will be more related to the printer/scanner. Convention, scratches on the film emulsion side will cause a BLACK line on your scanned film.
  11. T15F scratching film

    According to our database A085322-00 costs 86,00 US$. I am afraid this roller may be discontinued. Let me know if you accept the price by email: parts@minilablaser.com and I will ask Noritsu for the stock information.
  12. Yes, I do agree. QSS32 series is the best choice for you.
  13. T15F scratching film

    I take that back. I ran a couple more rolls with the dryer, without the dryer, with the squeegee rack, without, etc. It's the squeegee rack. I can put my finger inside and roller A085322-00 is toast.
  14. T15F scratching film

    After a lot of testing and cleaning, it appears to be in the dryer. Film not run through the dryer doesn't have lines. I cleaned the dryer but the foam inlet roller is in bad shape which i suspect is the cause. Where could I order one of those in the USA?
  15. Buenas tardes señor Carlos Mayer, mi nombre es juan Carlos estoy buscando el system program N1 ver:4.0 para frontier 7700 quisiera saber si usted tiene disponible este software.

    Espero su respuesta

    Un saludo cordial a la distancia..

    1. Carlos Mayer

      Carlos Mayer

      Hola.  Solo tenemos la version 3.0



    2. carlos33


      Gracias por responder, también quisiera saber si usted tiene software para noritsu busco el Ez controller ver:5.6 o 5.8 que funcione sin dongle, yo tengo  diferentes softwares para noritsu y frontier, en algún momento  podemos intercambiar  softwares si quisera.



  16. If you need to buy bigger print size minilab ( 305 x 914 ) cheaper can buy not HD model. You will not see difference. Also can buy Fuji branded minilabs - LP7500 ,LP7600, LP7700, LP7900 . They can be installed using Noritsu software and will be equiv with Noritsu QSS3702 - QSS3705. There is Photobook print software. It can be used with Noritsu EZ controller. If QSS37 too expensive then to print the same size can use something from QSS32xx or QSS34xx.
  17. Hello everyone, Please I am new to the world of photo labs. I am looking to set up a photolab which I want to have web to print capabilities. That is customers are able to order prints online. I was looking for a used Noritsu 3702HD or 3701HD but those seem to be scarce in the market . Besides these which other minilabs can you recommend with as fast or faster print rate with similar image qualities and durability. Also we are looking to be able to make photobooks. I would like recommendations of very good photobook making machine out there in the market beside the chinese 10in1 options. Thanks and looking forward to some responses. Regards Kel
  18. T15F scratching film

    Did you try to catch the leader with a film BEFORE a dryer? Did you try to load the film directly in the first tank without a loader section?
  19. T15F scratching film

    It's a T15F, one scratch going down the middle on the emulsion side (not always solid going across but always in the same place) you can barely see it below. I took all the racks apart and cleaned them spotless. The crossovers I'll soak in bleach I can't get behind the rollers to check, and as others have said just spend a couple rolls of film and inspect after it leaves each section. I've been down since Saturday and work is piling up i'm stressing!
  20. Good morning Christina my name Juan Carlos I need software N1 ver:4.0 FUJI FRONTIER 7700. Do you have this? Can you share with me please.

    My email. is carlos_2170@hotmail.com


    Best Regards..

  21. T15F scratching film

    scratch(es) on film emulsion side or base side ? IF micro scratches, your scanner (IF equipped with Digital ICE feature) should be able to compensate it. in checking rollers on rack, make sure rollers can turn freely when films pass In case of Noritsu V30, 50 or V100 film processor I will check also some roller wearing "rubber ring skin" with many protruded spots... I mean the skin may get swollen creating excessive pressure to films passing by. Good luck !
  22. T15F scratching film

    I recommend localizing the cause of the issue by removing the film after passing of each rack and inspecting it for the scratches. Sometimes a few films maybe spent for it. The crystalized (dried) chemicals on the crossovers are the common cause of the scratches (by our experience). Therefore a manufacturer recommends storing all crossovers in the water if the lab does not work.
  23. T15F scratching film

    Started Saturday, the machine is randomly putting what is basically a microscopic scratch down the center of the film (skips around). I can't even see it on the negatives with the human eye, but scanning? You'll get a nice random 1-2 pixel wide white line down the center of the picture. I took apart and cleaned the racks (totally took them apart), cleaned the whole wet side figured I'd get it. Nope. Tomorrow I'll have to take apart the dryer and loader. Any insight?
  24. MS01 Tethered Printer

    Hi, the lcd panel shows ver: 7.7
  25. MS01 Tethered Printer

    Hi. Wich version must show the printer on the lcd panel for running MS01 as tethered printer?
  26. Noritsu QSS 34 PRO

    If you have QSS3411 ( SI-2400 + LP-2300 + PP-1223W ) and want to make QSS-34PRO then instead scanner ( SI-2400 ) have connect workstation CS-1 ( the same, which used with QSS32xx minilabs ) . LP-2300 has not LAN cable. It has LVDS + ARCNET. You can connect it only to scanner, or workstation. When use scanner ( SI-2400 ) have to install QSS-3411 Digital system software. If instead scanner connected workstation ( CS-1 ) then have to install QSS-34PRO system software. QSS-3411 and QSS-34PRO can be connected to EZ controller, but through scanner, or workstation computer. Need new version EZ controller and connection software.
  27. 7700 service and circuits manuals

    Thanks.... I just find here.... https://www.manualslib.com/manual/875472/Frontier-Lp7500.html
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