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  2. Dear Friends, I need Canon IPF-6450 parts list PDF at earliest. Thanks uclbph@gmail.com
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  4. G, B Laser (SHG) Optimal Temperature Setup

    Yes, "minilab service " is right. Ignore of a warning message or an information message was not a good idea. Sometime minilab needs to be adjusted and you should have invited a service engineer to do it (or perform the simplest actions by yourself)... Please read more about the problem troubleshooting of Fujifilm labs here: https://www.minilablaser.com/ Hope it will help you to find some answers to your questions. If you need a laser or AOM driver repair service - welcome!
  5. G, B Laser (SHG) Optimal Temperature Setup

    Hello. Warming-up of laser not stabilized is not error. After some time it should disappear. Might be your B laser was dead during optimal temperature setup. It is typical problem on 330 and 340 minilabs. Have to repair laser head, change B laser head with other ( working ) , or replace laser unit. It is bad to make optimal temperature setup daily. Minilab ask do it it, because you didn't get "OK" after test. But why to repeat the same, when know, that do not get positive results? Better to ignore message. Laser works on maximal temperature and even it still not optimal. If you see that laser doesn't work ( have laser errors ) and want to make laser working again have turn off minilab, wait some time and try to make optimal temperature adjustment again. After test laser temperature will be set to maximal allowed. Of course results will be NG, but some time you can print. Daily you will have B laser optimal temperature error, but have to ignore it - laser temperature will not be higher than maximal allowed. "Warming-up of laser not stabilized" message also can give AOM driver. Look voltage on pin 7 ( last pin on AOM driver connector ) . There should be 0V ( when AOM driver pre-heated ) . If you have +5V there ( even after longer time ) then AOM driver faulty ( have to replace, or repair it ) . If need can repair AOM driver, or laser.
  6. Hello I have Frontier 340, everyday the machine need "G, B Laser (SHG) Optimal Temperature Setup", today when I make G, B Laser (SHG) Optimal Temperature Setup the result is NG and give me message "warming-up of laser not stabilized". what the problem thanks for you
  7. Fujifilm Frontier Reborn, anyone knows about it ?

    i'm not sure which model, but fuji tech said to me it is Fuji made minilab, not noritsu
  8. Fujifilm Frontier Reborn, anyone knows about it ?

    If model 550 - then it is made by Fuji. Noritsu made only Fuji 7xxx minilabs and DL400 - DL450 dry printers. It is strange, that Fuji reborn 550 model. The latest Fuji models where 5500R and 5570R ( with possibility to add long length option - 914.4 mm or 36 inch ) . 550 model is older and worse. 550 was made with Fuji 570 and 590 and it is the worst, if compare with them. I think it just last stock selling. If they restart to make minilabs they would make the latest and the best model, but not the worst from this series. Something wrong with this DE-100. It was introduced on 2016 September, but for sell available only now and not in all areas : http://www.fujifilm.com/news/n160920_02.html http://www.fujifilm.com/news/n180416.html
  9. Problem Changing Green Laser Gun QSS3501

    Where it is? Hope couriers are there and could be sent.
  10. Fujifilm Frontier Reborn, anyone knows about it ?

    Here at my Country, Fujifilm since end of last year start selling NEW Frontier 550 with full backup, warranty and contract service.They called it Fujifilm Frontier Reborn, with Reborn sticker on the body. I just want to ask does Fujifilm really back to silver halide minilab of their own not Noritsu made? or it just last stock selling.This is tempting if they are really back, in my experience Fujifilm wetlab more durable than Noritsu. And one more thing, here Fujifilm stop selling DX100, they now have DE100 , 4 inks drylab with resolution 1440 dpi (DX100 720ppi)
  11. Blue Rubber

    OK. I put 12 FM7.25 belts on our DKS1710 machine (since that was all the company had) and it's working fine. I replaced the blue belts on the exposure deck. They are the belts that run across the two roller on the right and they uncurl the paper. I'll let you know how long they last. The belts measure as follows: .2" X .023" X 7.25" 184mm long (58.5mm diameter) X 0.6mm thick X 5mm wide
  12. It is Juno Laser, but is not mine. I can ask the owner, but how can you get it?
  13. SnapFoto

    Time Left: 3 days and 2 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    A combined footprint of just 275x366mm – the exact same as the Citizen CX-02 dye sub printer that makes up its chief component – ensures the compact SnapFoto’s perfect for a broad range of retail spaces Specially developed software ensures the enabled SnapFoto offers a user friendly interface, and one that doesn’t rely on any form of dedicated mobile app to communicate with and transfer images between mobile devices and the unit The SnapFoto broadcasts its own dedicated SSID signal, making for simple Wi-Fi connectivity and a familiar, secure and seamless experience for the end user ‘Hassle free print operation and one that delivers consistently excellent print results. Quote on Enquiry


  14. Please contact me if you need the spare part from Japan (Directly from Noritsu/Fujifilm). We also can supply you with such kit and PCB. parts@minilablaser.com
  15. HS-1800A Conversion KIT, p/n Z811254-01

    Can buy from Noritsu, or some other sellers. Kit - part number Z811254-01 or board part number J391472 ( AFC/scanner control PCB ) . To use all scanner features working with scanner you need professional software - EZ controller + system software + optional EZ controller modules ( for example Digital Masking, Red eye, tone curve and etc ) . Can be installed on any Windows ( even W10 x64 ) , or on MAC using virtual system.
  16. HS-1800A Conversion KIT, p/n Z811254-01

    Hi, can anybody tell me where I can buy this kit? Or that board? Thanks!
  17. Need Ms01 Software

    Please read Private Message. P.S Thank you for writing in English.
  18. Need Ms01 Software

    I need MS01 version 4.2 and up EPROM version 2.0 please price. rodi_ortiz@hotmail.com
  19. Problem Changing Green Laser Gun QSS3501

    Glad to hear that all well. Which laser head you have? Maybe you do not need this faulty head? I would like to get it.
  20. I am looking for the wiring diagram for this printer, does anyone have them? I already have the service manual but not the wiring diagram.
  21. Frontier PC Upgrade

    A1 is necessary for SP-2000. Doesn't matter how it will be connected - with minilab, or stand alone. It is working interface. A1 do not need if to connect Fuji 350, 370 without scanner. Export, correction and other software can use FDIA, FE, or MS. Need one of them. FDIA, FE and MS are packet names ( not exact software ) . Can use modules from them ( for example for export C4/C5 software from FDIA packet ) .
  22. Frontier PC Upgrade

    Thankyou, Just to be clear, I wish to use the SP2000 stand alone with no printer attached. I currently have the SP2000 export files onto an other PC running MS over Ethernet. Do I only need to install FE software on the SP2000? I don't need A1 do I? this is for connecting to a 350/70 etc? thankyou
  23. Frontier PC Upgrade

    You can upgrade SP2000 computer, but new computer should work on NT4. Have disable autorun, find all drivers and only then run software. Software designed for NT4, so do not think that it will work on latter Windows. To run SP-2000 you need A1 software. MS01 ( version 3.1 or version 4.2 ) will be used just to transfer files to server. Only SP-3000 and SP-500 has MS software modules, which can work instead A1. Before experiments go to Fuji menu and make scanner backup there. Backup can make only to floppy, or any disk named "A" ( USB, shared folder and etc ) . Only then you will be protected - if something wrong can recover all. Settings are stored on scanner and computer. When you make backup - you have them.
  24. how do i download ez controller?

    Hello. Ez controller has not trial version. If you want to see how it works can go to any Noritsu minilab, dry printer or stand alone scanner. Working interface will be the same, or very similar ( on older models ) . Also can see EZ controller manuals. EZ controller is very comfortable, professional printing software. Can be installed on any Windows ( even W10 x64 ) . To run software need dongle. If have not it - software should be activated online. To one EZ controller can connect 8 printers and few scanners. Can be connected Noritsu minilabs ( QSS3101-1 and latter ) , all Noritsu dry printers, Noritsu USB scanners, Fuji minilabs ( LP-7xxx models ) , some Fuji dry printers, some Epson printers, few DNP printers. EZ controller has many additional modules ( correction, frames, document print, digital masking and etc ) . Have the latest EZ controller. Can help to install and activate online. Have all optional modules, system software for printers and scanners, profile data and all other. If interested - write private message.
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  26. Frontier PC Upgrade

    Thanks but it is the SP2000 PC I need to update. I already use MS on a PC at another location which receives scans from the SP2000 via Ethernet NOT Fire wire. I want to replace the old PC that runs the SP2000, if I cannot acquire A1 software for my scanner then I will have to try and clone the old PC to a new PC Thanks again.
  27. Frontier PC Upgrade

    I never heard about the transfer of the OS of LP2000 from WinNT to WinXP and I doubt that it will work. Better to find a one-core simplest PC and have it controlled by the OS prescribed by the manufacturer. It is not a problem to find A1. We have ALL software for all minilabs. Almost all. Just send me an inquiry. Also, I would recommend using MS01 v.3.1 for your lab. Much better. One software for the whole equipment items: Basic software, FMPC software etc. To MS01 you always buy different optional modules to have 6 frames viewed on the PC screen, ID photo, etc. Please send me a private message where I will try to describe what you need. or email me at: info@minilablaser.com
  28. Frontier PC Upgrade

    Hello, I'm in need of some advice. I have recently acquired an SP2000, The PC that runs it seems like its on its way out - its an old P2 and could do with being upgraded. Is it possible to easily clone the old pc drives onto a new er ish machine running XP? Maybe clone the old NT4 system to the newer PC and then upgrade NT4 to XP keeping the original Frontier software an setup in place during upgrade (as XP basically being the unofficial NT5 anyway?), is this possible? Though, I would ideally want to do a fresh install however, I do not have the A1 software disks and they seem super rare to find. Thanks in advance. Matt.
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