2017 - Minilab Help could face closure at the end of the year. Our outgoing running cost and time is no longer being covered by our sponsorship. 
With almost 10,000 members we have grown to be perhaps the worlds largest forum for Mini Lab Help. 
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      2017 - Minilab Help could face closure at the end of the year. Our outgoing running cost and time is no longer being covered by our sponsorship. 
      With almost 10,000 members we have grown to be perhaps the worlds largest forum for Mini Lab Help. 
      We would now consider the sale of this web site, please contact us if you wish to discuss. 

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  2. Problem With Ms13 And Ms01 4.2

    I have the same issue, did you solve your problem ?
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  4. Need Ms01 Software

    hi there! sorry for my English: I got MS01 v3.0, i saw some guys installed V4.2. Could you please share to me ver 4.2? and i also got Frontier DX 100. So could you please share it too? please! Thanks for reading! Have a nice day! my email: jehovavilla@gmail.com
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  6. Noritsu Calibration

    The MMC has an Auto focus motor that moves the carriage up and down to adjust for different thickness of mounted slide. It does this on every slide that it scans, or on the first slide of the order depending upon the setting in operator selections. Check the operation of the AF motor in output check. Make sure the 2 AF mirrors are clean.
  7. Noritsu Calibration

    Hello. Probably your focus was lost when you disassembled carrier. Make sure that you assembled it correctly. What do you mean won't auto focus? Auto focus adjustment can make only when have focus adjustment chart ( mount ) . As I see you have not it. Usually Noritsu engineers have all set of adjustment charts ( 135, 240, 120, mounted slides ) . By the way to adjust focus 135 and mounted slides used the same chart - just for slides it is mounted into the frame. If have 135 adjustment chart easy can make chart for mounted slides. No some special adjust charts for HS-1800. Noritsu adjustment charts can be used to adjust all Noritsu scanners. I have set which got with QSS29 and used them on all latter scanners. It is possible to adjust focus manually. Of course it will not be as good as automatic adjustment. To make focus manually have use film, where in the middle of frame can see focus ( some test film, or self made ) . Then go to focus adjustment menu. Instead focus adjustment chart put mounted test film. Then look graphs. Manually adjust focus. Find the best position and enter value. Then change magnification and do the same for other zoom.
  8. Frontier 570 on Windows 7

    Please read the Private message with our offer.
  9. Noritsu Calibration

    I do not have such jigs for HS-1800... But we have been supplying lots of lab owners and service centers with minilab spare parts for many many years and can try to find it for you. At the same time I have looked at the prices of the parts you need in my database and can say that: A060553-01 - has the price (quite low) Z019668-01 - has been discontinued Z808669-01- has the price (the most expensive one) Unfortunately, my database has no information regarding the actual Noritsu stock for these parts but I am afraid all of them have been discontinued. If you are ready to buy - send me an email with an inquiry for them to receive a quote and stock info. info@minilablaser.com
  10. Noritsu Calibration

    I have a Noritsu HS-1800 with various film masks. We were flooded in Harvey and a lot of my masks went under water. I was able to rebuild most of them without any trouble. I got new stepper motors and cleaned off the corrosion and they work. The problem is with my 135MMC-II slide scanner. All the components work and test fine, but it won't auto focus. I had an ex Noritsu TSR come take a look at it and he thinks he can get it working again, but says we need the calibration masks to get it to work. the Height adjustment jig A060553-01 the Scanner adjustment chart (mount) Z019668-01 the AMC emission adjustment chart Z808669-01 I'm not sure if I need all of these, but Noritsu tells me they have to order the parts from Japan and they want a lot of money for just one of the charts. I was hoping we'd be able to borrow, rent or get someone to come into our store in Houston, TX to help us out. If anywone has a 135MMC-II that they don't use any more, we'd be happy to discuss taking it off your hands. Please let me know if anyone can help. Thank you Dylan Manager Kingwood Photo Lab 281-360-8998
  11. Frontier 570 on Windows 7

    Hello. What is your system configuration ( printer with scanner, FMPC or both of them ) ? What software you use now - FDIA ( C4/C5, D20, A1 and optional ) or FE ( S2, S9, S1 and optional ) ? Only one software, which can work on W7 ( 32 bit only ) . It is MS01 version 4.2 ( or older 4.0 ) . The same software will be installed on server, scanner and FMPC. On scanner you need MS11. You can't run this software on your old computers ( except scanner ) . Software need more powerful computers. With MS01 can be installed many optional modules. To transfer settings you have to make backups on old systems and load them during scanner or FMPC instillation ( depends on system connection ) . Also can save and load print channels. After software instillation minilab software will be updated to version 3. If have configuration with FMPC then on 570 can install long length software. After that minbilab software will be updated to 3.1 and will be enabled long length print. Then can print 640 mm ( instead 457 mm ) . Have all software ( main and optional ) and all manuals. Know how to install and make configuration. Write p.m. if need something.
  12. Frontier 570 on Windows 7

    Hello everyone, At work we're using a frontier 570 connected to an OLD Windows XP computer and we're considering changing the computer to a better one with windows 7. Could someone help us configure it ? What software do we need to make it work? For the network configuration, we have everything. We just need the softwares to make it work. We have it on the old computers, can we transfert it ? Thanks you very much, PSM Carcassonne
  13. Profile CD for QSS 3011

    When reinstall you need install system software ( latest K001 ) , profile ( latest 7.20 ) , optional software ( red eye, digital ICE, multiframe and etc ) When installed profile CD version can see only when minilab is in service mode. Profile data version can see on software version check menu ( click ''profile''.) .
  14. Error On Production Status And Transfering Failed

    Did you read this : http://www.minilabhelp.com/forums/topic/23914-error-e5201
  15. Hello All, I had a problem with my computer and I had to reinstall the software K. My problem is that I bought my lab used and I do not see the profile CD. So I would need it to reinstall properly. Thanks!
  16. E 5201

  17. Error On Production Status And Transfering Failed

    any solution??, ihave the same problem i am using FMPC no SP3000
  18. C/H/P-mixed format prints ?

    It's a left over from the old days of APS film C= Classic 4x6" H= High Definition 4x7" P= Panoramic 4x10"
  19. Kodak LED II torn down to spare parts

    Just to share with you that we have torn down one unit of Kodak LED II to become boxes of spare parts. 5 hours spent davidlam@sinopromise.com Hong Kong
  20. C/H/P-mixed format prints ?

    This is probably a dumb question but what does the C/H/P stand for in C/H/P-mixed format prints ? Also does anyone know if the sorter that comes with frontier 570/5700's can handle 10" prints?
  21. EZ Controller service menu password?

    35mmDSLR, if you are so smart guy then in the future do not ask any questions. All your messages will be ignored. Nobody here will not tell factory mode password, which you demand to tell me on private message. It is secret information and is not on Noritsu public documents.
  22. QSS Green Duplex

    Time Left: 1 day and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    The QSS Green is a fully automatic duplex system and is the latest in our long line of innovative dry minilab systems. Powerful, versatile, and compact, the QSS green is built to handle any situation. In addition to all the features that have made the QSS brand so popular, the QSS Green raises the bar in terms of environmental friendliness and print variety and is poised to become the new de-facto standard model for photo businesses. The Green supports an amazing 69.2" paper advance and the ability to change the height of the print stage at will, allowing you an incredible amount of paper and printing media options.


  23. Noritsu Green II

    Time Left: 1 day and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    QSS Green II Inkjet System The QSS Green II is the next step in the evolution of Noritsu inkjet printers. Versatile, fast, and energy efficient, the Green II has the speed to keep up with demanding volume, along with the capability of producing a wide array of specialty products. With support for paper up 10 12" wide in both roll and sheet format, the Green II is ready for any situation.


  24. Matching Fuji to Noritsu color

    I'm not sure you will ever get the same machine type to match exactly, let alone different generation machines running different software from a different manufacture! Manually the way to do it would be to put corrections into the F → Menu → Extension → Setup → Paper Setup, for each individual magazine. on the Noritsu printers.
  25. EZ Controller service menu password?

    On my computer all versions can work without dongle. All options installed also. It is very curios why you can't access service mode. If you want can test your version on my computer. Can upload your version on files.fm and send link on private message. Also can try access service mode on your computer - just it should be connected to Internet and have Teamviewer. On all versions service mode worked - should work on this also.
  26. 3501 Help

    Go to F → Menu → Extension → Setup → Laser Setup → Magazine Registration/Setup, On the 203 magazines set the 1 (assuming type 1 is the paper in use) to 0, then click yes to register, then set it back the same number it was (1). Now click the Magazine Registration/Setup button to setup the magazine again. Hopefully that will clear any bad data on the 8" magazine.
  27. EZ Controller service menu password?

    I'm full EZ 6.7 with dongle and every add on Noritsu has to offer.
  28. EZ Controller service menu password?

    Before I had to install EZ controller on W10 x64 ( version 6.60 ) . There service mode worked. Just small difference between 6.60 and 6.70 ( small improvement for one dry printer ) , so there should work also. Maybe you have installed Twain driver ( not EZ controller ) ? My is full EZ controller.
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