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  2. With the local network I have communication, but with the board I do not have.Even using the Display Module, nothing appears ...This occurred after the upgrade to version 16.1 of the Qss Printer.
  3. I will have one Kodak LED-II tear down into spare parts next week. DISK rotor type and I will share experience later
  4. not sure.. in fact my engineer was doing that job. I will check service manual for the procedure of "Software upgrade" on the board, thanks to pepe21 Sir
  5. Yesterday
  6. Did you do a software upgrade on the board?
  7. Okay, I saw it. The software is in my same machine and I am crazy looking everywhere. To kill me.
  8. Hi,
    J391179-00 costs 1050 Euro + 50 Euro shipping.

    If you agree- send your inquiry.

    We work by order, sent by email only.

    1. vazma


      I have to confirm that that card does not work.

      Last week I bought you the update for that machine but I have not got it installed.

  9. Please send your inquiry to info@minilablaser.com for this PCB. I will try to find J391179-00 for you in Japan directly at Noritsu Koki. The price I will send you by a private message now.
  10. In my version of ARCNET check does not contemplate the 3501. I searched for the version for the 3501 but I am not able to find it. Do you know where to get it? Thank you very much again and best regards
  11. Thank you very much. I'm also suspecting that card. But I would like to confirm it before ordering it, because there is no stock in Spain. Regards, and thank you very much
  12. Run ARCNET diagnostic to make sure that you have good communication with this board ( other boards also ) . After laser control pcb changing you have run software upgrade ( enough for this board - service mode, software upgrade from HD ) . Also have load backup ( enough for this board - service mode, read write data, service data ) .
  13. Run ARCNET test software. At least you should see connection between computer and laser control pcb. Only this board connected to computer directly. All other goes through ARCNET hub, which is on laser control pcb. If you have not connection between computer and laser control pcb then can be faulty PCI/ARCNET board on computer, laser control pcb or connections. You can disconnect scanner ARCNET cables ( from laser control pcb ) and connect them to computer board directly. Then run ARCNET test software. This time you should see connection with scanner. This way you will test PCI/ARCNET interface.
  14. I guess you need to look inside of the fiber connector and search for debris of fiber. They may block the light. Then you should check the PC INTERFACE P.C.B. J391179-00. Very often this defective PCB is a cause of the problem.
  15. Dear Sirs, after changing a NEW J390919-00 laser control pcb. machine "initialization" screen seems working BUT never ends OR it stops at that screen resulting PC HANG UP. what procedure(s) need to be carred out AFTER replacing J390919-00 Laser control PCB ? Please kindly teach . . . share your experience thank you very much ! David Lam davidlam@sinopromise.com
  16. Sensor pcb ( Noritsu part no. ) please. There are many sensors, sensor PCBs and LEDs etc. on the negative carrier which negative carrier is it ? AFC gen. 1 ? film format 135 ONLY, 135/240 or others . please provide more information so we can comment / help . .
  17. Last week
  18. Hi, I need help with the ARCNET errors of my Noritsu 3501. I have no communication of anything. Neither AFC Scanner, nor Laser nor Processor nor Printer. I have cut the ends of all the fibers, cleaned the connectors, all power supplies are OK. In the menu "system version check" the connections appear as failed. I have the trick of pulling fiber cables one by one and waiting for the OK connections, when you get it you know that the connection that is failing is the cable you have out of its connector. I have done it and nothing has worked either. I also see that he does not read me the meters of paper nor the temperatures.Does anyone know what may be happening to me ?.Many thanks in advance and forgive me my English so bad.
  19. Hi everyone, I have a Noritsu 3011 and the negative mask does not work, the technician said me the sensor are broken. May you tel me where can i buy that sensor or the complete negative carrier in USA. REgards Damian Perna
  20. Sorry, do not understand your question. If you asked does Frontier 350 can be installed using MS01 then answer would be yes. This minilab can install as tethered printer or with FMPC.
  21. Hello can be written to the program ms 4.2 frontier 350
  22. Yes, all prints has some image tilted angle, but 8x10 is where it shows much more
  23. W410414-01 has been discontinued. Sorry.
  24. I would say "Image tilted" symptom of above photo . . .I will get advice from my engineers tomorrow ... now almost midnight here
  25. Although H016866-00 is called [ Belt ] by Noritsu. It is actually a (O-Ring) diameter. 3.5cm rubber band like .. Dear yustas, Do you have W410414-01 LVDS cable for QSS-32xx ?
  26. Thanks for the information. I can help you with spare parts - we have been selling spares more than 23 years already. All will come to your home address, directly from Noritsu (Japan). H016866-00 is not expensive - only 9,00 US$ But delivery is 50 US$ by EMS If you need anything else- you can order it to reduce shipping expenses. If you do not need any parts to add to this belt - so, I think, you should look for this belt at your local market. Good luck!
  27. Time Left: 3 days and 18 hours

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    Capacity Boosters Information for the owners of Noritsu QSS 32 / 32SD and QSS 33: Capacity Boosters A & B is for sale at a VERY attractive price. Using a Capacity Booster Software you will easily convert your slow speed minilab into a fast working machine. Please send an inquiry to our email: info@minilablaser.com for detailed information.

    1.00 GBP

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