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    • When you installed QSS-3201/3202/3203 Software Version 6.00.013 you had only scanner AFC communication error, but you didn't have communication error with other boards. After that was enough to install PRO software and this error should disappear. You didn't need to make recovery. If after that you did not recovery then PCI board should work, as it worked before. Maybe you accidentally disconnected one of ARCNET cables ( transmitter, or receiver ) from minilab computer. Now you have not communication between PCI/ARCNET board and Digital ICE control pcb ( all other boards connected through it ) .  When you removed hard disk you probably moved computer, or even disconnected it. Might be one of ARCNET cables is connected bad ( pulled out ) , or messed when connected back ( messed transmitter and receiver cables ) .  Try to remove PCI-ARCNET board from Windows device manager and install again. Check ARCNET cable connections on computer and Digital ICE control pcb. One is clear - until on ARCNET test software you will not see Digital ICE control pcb then you will not see all boards on minilab. You can't update boards now. Only when have ARCNET communication you can upgrade them.  
    • Here are two screenshots of the Arcnet errors.
    • Thanks for your support Minilab service. It's a bit complicated. Twelve years ago it was a QSS-3212 with a S4 scanner. A year ago a noritsu technician removed the S4 and converted it into a HS-1800A. The scanner is no longer connected to the QSS-3212.  The QSS-3212 worked fine until a few weeks ago there was a harddisk failure in the RAID 0. With a new disk at the Fasttrak controller (I did'nt make a new RAID 0, I just put one harddisk in) I installed the Windows 2000 recovery CDs and the QSS-3201/3202/3203 Software Version 6.00.013. And then I got the "6901-0010 ARCNET communication error. Scanner AFC"  After a hint in this forum I now knew that I have to install the QSS32Pro software. As the technician did not leave a recovery of this software, I got the file from Noritsu, and they said I have just to install it. But then I got the new Arcnet Errors, I mentioned above. I did remove the LVDS/Arcnet boards in the device manager (I have two boards, both have LVDS cable connected, but only the above one has fibre optics cable connected to the D-ICE controller board). After a reboot the driver version ist 4.6.2004.0 (same as it was before the reboot). When I tried to make a software update manually it shows everything except the Colorimeter Unit "without option" (Processor, Printer, Auto film carrier, etc.).  The system version check shows Main with 9.03S.001 2008.10.27 / 6.00-001, Colorimeter Unit with 1.006 and NMC (Net Order) with 9.03S.001 (NetOrder API Ver. 2.03.00  00) Everything else (Image Processing PCB, Image Correcting PCB, Printer, Processor, D-ICE Contoll PCB, Laser, etc.) is empty. The self check shows a "Device Control Error" on the PCI-LVDS/ARCNET and errors on all PCBs.    
    • It is very interesting - got software from Noritsu and how to install we have to explain. When software get from me I support customers, explain how to install and make settings there. On first your message I see "I have the error "6901-0010 ARCNET communication error. Scanner AFC" on a QSS3212". That means you had Windows and software installed. Then why to make recovery? It was enough to upgrade software to PRO version. If you did recovery after Noritsu software instillation you had on device manager remove PCI-LVDS/ARCNET board. After restart driver should load properly and you should have ARCNET and LVDS connections. Try do it now. After that you have to make software upgrade manually ( because automatic upgrade failed ) . If even then have ARCNET errors disable QSS startup and run ARCNET test utility ( it is on your computer ) . Then can check all ARCNET. Do not load initial data. You better load backup. On backup settings are current. Using it all settings will be restored and can work the same, as you worked before. On initial data minilab settings when it left factory. Since then minilab had many changes. Also initial data will not restore your print channels. They are only on backup. Backup files can be on floppy, or some other.  
    • The recovery was necessary because of a harddisk failure some weeks ago. Noritsu, where I got the software from, cannot help. They think it's a hardware issue and will only send a technician. Has it something to do with the initial data?
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