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    • Hi, I recently bought a calibration plate and floppy disk for Noritsu qss 2901. The calibration data on the floppy disk is not reading, where can i get the calibration data from (download or buy) ? Best, 
    • I don't think that this isn't recommended... Or did I get this wrong ? We just use a damp, lint free cloth, and scrub any paper residue off the rollers.   What about those "rubber rejuvenator" chems  that press people use ?  We received a small bottle of it and have been itching to try it on the Noritsu rollers, but we don't want to mess up the paper magazine rollers ! What do you guys think ?    
    • Hello.  I am searching for a QSF t15 parts list manual.  Can anyone help me?   Thank you.
    • Fuji dx100 is 99% the same with D700. Noritsu dr08 should be the same with dx100/d700.  All 3 are developed by Epson. Noritsu dr12 is based on an Epson printer ( i hope not based on epson D3000 which is a nightmare to service). DR08/12 are just a test. Noritsu marketing/sales team had a simple choice: keep the green series ( epson print head rated at about 1000000 prints ) or release dr08/12. Probably green series would sell very bad if a dr08 at about 3000-5000 $/euro would hit the market. I dont know why Noritsu does not develop a low volume/speed QSS at a price of 15000-25000 $/euro. That would kill the d700/dx100 market for photolab use.   Regarding d700: I now own 2 D700. One of them is 3.5 years old and has over 500000 prints. I changed everything on it  (motherboard 3 times from my fault ) except cutter which lasted far better then the recomended 100000 print and is still working. I changed about 5 print heads and 2 paper drawers. I used only epson inks and i print all of my clients print on it.  Paper is not that important from my tests but epson ink is a must. For me D700 has been a God send replacement for QSS3001 ( i had 2 of them) . For D700 to be a good choice for you, you have to use it daily, give it epson ink and have a extremly good relation with you service partner. A bad think is epson order controller software. It's made by idiots. Probably just programmers without photo printing knowledge. It' also expensive if not in kit with D700.     I forgot one small thing: quality of d700 print is enough for usual customer, far better then any thermal printer i tried but lower compared with QSS 3001  
    • MS13 V2.0-0E-011 is the version i have
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