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Paper jam error 2603 - dryer section frontier 370

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Please help – I have a frontier 370, which a few days ago produced the jam notification W-2603 several times - Jam in the Dryer exit unit.  However, after checking the dryer section and closing it up and re-initializing the printer the error used to go.

Yesterday – the W-2603 showed again. We have checked everywhere whether there is any paper in the dryer exit section and also cleaned it up altogether with the sensors.  It still shows the error 2603 immediately the printer is turned on.   Also I have checked that all the sensors D771, 772 and 773 are all connected properly.

My father has also checked all the racks – no paper jam in any of those.

Could anyone offer any advise how to diagnose and resolve this issue?

Many thanks for your help in advance -much appreciated.


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Check the operation of all the sensors through the software program. You should be able to see the state of each sensor and watch it change states when you block the light path with a piece of paper. This will tell you if it is a sensor or its associated wiring.

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