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Fuji 390 A1 Ver 7.6 Or 7.7

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hi everybody

i am new to this forum. from my long experience in not less than three brand i hope my contribution here might be helpfull.

i have been installing fe on frontiers just one i did not try yet to discover the system program version 7.7 i downloaded from (minilab laser.com) was just for fuji 350/370. so please can anyone in touch help me with this program for download (fuji 390 A1 ver 7.6 or 7.7).

i can exchange with a program too


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Hi nanotron,


Please specify what you need exactly.

The software which I placed on our web site is fully working and it can be easily installed to your model of Frontier too.

Frontiers 350/370 are the same with 390. The difference only in capacity of a lab.

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