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Dlab1 Licence Key Activate

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The licence key for the machine is ONLY for the D-Lab software.


Any addons such as File Print, Index, Slide Print etc all have their own licence keys. If the machine originally had the facility for File Print the key would have been provided in an email from Agfa and not on a CD.


If you don't have that I think your only option would be to contact SAAL in Germany or poss Minilab Factory in the States. What they charge I don't know but usually anything to do with Agfa is not cheap.

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If that is the case you should be able to manually enter the code.


Before doing any of the following, make sure you make a backup of all your settings.


Once all settings saved do the following:-




Highlight the one that you want to do (File Print) and click INSTALL and you should then be asked to enter the code


If the code is correct you will be good to use File Print

Edited by Richard SPC

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I been trying many times. but ERROR

                                               The license code is wrong

                                               FILEPRINT-ON BOARD

Do i have to try something else?

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