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Kodak G4 - Os Recovery/System Cd

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  Could someone please tell me where I might be able to source a Kodak G4 "Recovery/System CD"? The Lenovo Thinkcenter is an 8807-Y12.


  I've recently purchased a G4 second-hand, and was fortunate enough for it to come with v6 installed and running just fine... however it came with no CDs/re-installation media.


  I've managed to locate a dealer selling the v6 software CDs as part of the WiFi upgrade package, but apparently that does not include the "OS Recovery/System CD" needed to do a fresh install should the HDD fail (or I put in a new HDD). I'm "just a guy" (not a business), so my local Kodak support/supplier will not help me. 


  I'm in the process of trying to clone the existing HDD as a last resort "backup", however I would prefer to have a full set of installation media.


  Thanks in advance to anyone that's able to provide any help.



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I am in a similar predicament as my G4 CMOS battery went flat and any replacement of the battery locks you out at bootup.

It has been a good little lab and I am sorry to say good bye to it unless I am able to get a system restore cd I am afraid its toast for the kiosk.

Any help would be appreciated ,,,,Operating system recovery CD Iso sounds like the answer.

Thanks to any posters in advance!

Regards Andy

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The hard disk of KODAK Picture Kiosk GSCompact is broken and i need re install the soft. Can anyone provide me with a solution, please ? Thanks


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I very new to this forum. I have been using kodak apex systems for past five years. And its been working fine until today my order station ha stopped loading the kodak application and gets stick in the middle. 

I tried the recovery method but no success. i tried the os recovery method s that i could install the kodak application but its asking me the original os disk. can some one help me getting the os recovery disk. I would appreciate your help.

My email id is amitlama_78@yahoo.com

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hi Folks,


I have a kodak picture kiosk G4XE,  but don't have system recovery OS.  This kiosk is power supply outside. I have a system recovery but when tried loading, show a error, don't find image ghost machine.


Someone help, please


thanks in advance

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