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Dks1550 Turret Noise 5X7?

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Hi All,


Seem to have a problem with the lens/lcd turret mechanism.

It makes an awful knocking noise (which is then reverb'd through the turret panels) sometimes when activating and end up with blank white prints.

I am getting some prints through, the best i can work out is that it seems to be 5x7 prints that causes the issue, would 5x7 use it's own lens part?

Does anyone have any pointers?


many thanks in advance.


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Probably there is a problem with optical motor interface PCB.


Try to switch two boards (optical and transport, do not forget to change two microswitch position on each PCB) to verify that.

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Hi Pskaro,

Tried the 6x4's and they seem to be ok again but haven't printed 5x7 again, it really seems as though it could be a sensor or motor for the positioning of the turret, almost like it is jamming when rotating to a certain position.

I have tried greasing the bearings but it didn't help, i found in another thread but can't find now something about how to adjust sensor or position?

Would like to leave boards until last resort/fully explored these other avenues.



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could be motor PCB, could be motor which is rotating the lenses, could be worn toothbelt betwen lenses and motor. 

And .. by the way - as first - check if SCSI cable leading to sequencer is not too short - if you tightened it too much and with short distance - turret will rotate to first lens but will not be able to make turns for further lenses. 

Pull out cover - lock the safety switch with magnet - go to the tech settings tab in DKSfind optic - and try to move lens 1 2 3 

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I seem to have solved the problem, the ribbon cable in the turret going to (presuming called sequencer) board was catching the lenses when rotating, don't know why it should have been as issue suddenly, have tucked it up out the way and seems to be all ok.

Should there be a clip for it?

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No. The SCSI cable is the big black cable coming directly form PC to the Sequencer board

like the one you are connecting the Imagus scanner. one marked with blue collar.


Floppy disc cable is a special connection specially assigned for FDD made from flat cable. 


the base form which this is made is called flat cable. 

U have lot of this inside electrical armor - - Cutters are connecded to the system with them . and u have small one in the MSB subssembly. see picture attached 


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