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3501 Not Advancing Images Consistently

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I've recently run into a problem with what I believe is film advance, based on the space between images on the negatives. Specifically, in printing double frame 35mm negs or "FPS" everything starts off fine, but as the roll progresses, the  between negative space creeps from right to left on the screen, ending up in the middle of the image. this is after going through the adjustments in the initial centering screen.  This machine is using the S1-!! scanner.


To make matters worse, we have the same problem, or one that appears to be the same, with the 3011, using the S-1200 scanner, which also gives these results when printing 645 frames from 120 film.  I am thinking it might come from the machine not recognizing the space between frames, due to possible fog, or possibly from the longer space of around 8mm between frames?  Is there an adjustment procedure for this?





Many thanks for your attention!

Neil W.

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Thank you Kodak Service for your suggestion.  I tried the auto adjust on the 3011 first, as it was not being used at the moment, but cannot say I dee any difference. SO, It must be rollers. I am sorry to admit it, but am unsure of which rollers; the ones in the film holders, or something in the exposure section of the machine(s)?

Thank you,



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There is also the "scan position correction" however this is only useful if the negative stops consistently in the wrong place.
On the 120AFC it tends to be the rollers on the lid part of the mask that go, especially the 1st set on the entrance to the AFC.

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