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3201 Ez Controller

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Hi everyone!


I would like to get some help about EZ Controller software. Does anyone know, this software running in the 32 series or only in the 35, 37, etc.?


Currently have a 3501 machine with EZ Controller software. I would like to buy a machine which can make 30x45cm picture. I choose the 32 series, but i don't know this machines can work with EZ controller. Could you help in this question?


I have other question. Where can I buy the latest EZ Controller software for 3501, in EU?


Thanks in advance:

Tom from Hungary

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Thanks for the answer! I have Noritsu 3501plus machine with EZ controller with old version (first version, it can't read PNG or TIF.) with dongle in two work station. I would like to upgrade this to the newest version. Is it possible?


Do you know anything about my first question.




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Hello. If you want to use EZ controller on older minilabs ( QSS2801 - QSS3502  ) you need additional EZ-Lab software. Have it - working without dongle.

EZ controller can work directly on new minilabs only (  QSS3501 PLUS and latter ) .

You have upgrade not only EZ-controller. QSS printer should be upgraded too.

Can offer EZ-controller 6.02 , QSS printer 15 and many plugins - pdf print software, scene correction software, soft filter, spot correction, lens aberration, cross filter and many other.

If you have scanner can offer software  upgrade too.

Write private message, if interested.

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