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Green tint in highlights

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We purchased a new calibration card for or QSS 31Pro, but we are still getting a green tint in our grayscales. It is especially noticeable in the highlights. I'll attach a test image compared to our 3800, and you will see what I mean. Is it possible it is an early failing AOM driver? We already had one go bad, but it was way more obvious than this. Our tech seems to think it is the stabilizer tanks holding silver, so he suggested draining, scrubbing and flushing the tanks. Thanks in advance for any help.


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Which model do you have - QSS-31 PRO, QSS-31 PRO-1 or QSS-31 PRO Turbo ? Look paper setup menu - maybe some corrections entered there?

Make full service data backup to HD ( from service menu ) . Then try make plate registration, colorimeter calibration, load new profile data, make initial setup ( for master paper ) . If no changes - probably colorimeter doesn't see color properly. Then have to change colorimeter head ( colormouse ) or enter paper settings correction values to decrease green.

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You are trying to colour match quite different machines, is your 38 HD? Daily set up is different as is black balance etc. Check to see If you have any hidden corrections in either individual channels or paper setups you may have to visually determine the difference between the 2 and input the correction into paper balance to get them closer. from the samples 1 is lighter than the other anyway. when you have worked out the correction put it in all papers. Daily set up will bring it back to the same starting point each day. The 38 has a machine matching function but not the 31, better to get it as close as you can visually without going down the profiling route

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