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Noritsu 31 PRO processor fan

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Hi, I was just checking the processor today and I notice the the fan or the 3 fans don't seem to move at all.

Is it this normal?, will the fan work only if it is overheating?, I have looked the fan close to the computer and that one is on all  the time.

There are two fans by the chemical door, and one to the other side of the door, close to the heating machine.

Thanks for any info you may have.


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Some fans are always ON if the minilab have connection to mains. They remove chemical vapour from a chemical compartment to avoid rust etc. 
it is smart to attach a ventialtion and remove all chemically polluted air to outside of the lab's room.
Some fans are periodically in use.
Lab's brains control it.


You should alwyas control the fans which supposed to cool down the PSU (power supply units) and a laser unit.

If the fan will be clogged - you will meet a lot of problem.

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It seems they are not always on, I try to get the fan number markings and all the fan's were working. I said it was not working before because during the warm up process in the morning it was all turn off. So I think they must be off during the warm up process.



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