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3011 sudden dark streak on scanned film

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As I was printing and scanning orders this afternoon, there suddenly appeared a dark streak, running in direction of film travel, about 10mm down from the top margin on 35mm film. I have checked what I think is everything, and have not seen this problem previously.  I've has white streaks due to a speck of dust on the glass, but never the opposite!  This only happens on scanned images, and not with digital source prints, such as CDs.

I have carefully cleaned the dust prevention glass, run the Zoom 1 up and examined the front of the ens, calibrated the CCDs, and cleaned the film carrier.  Needless to say, I'm in the midst of running a huge amount of film through, probably 200 rolls as of today, 2 FIFO racks nearly full.  HELP!


Many, many thanks!!

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