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Brochure of QSS-39 series

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On Noritsu I see that the latest silver halide printers are QSS3800G, QSS3801G and QSS3704G. Also they have silver halide self service photo print system  “First Lab”.

The latest dry printers are Noritsu Green II and Green III. Two small dry printers where canceled.

Didn't hear about Noritsu QSS39. Just few Chinese company sells parts for QSS3901. One of them sells QSS3901 AOM driver ( model EFC200P24H ) . Who doesn't know can tell that new Noritsu minilabs do not have AOM drivers and model EFC200P24H was 16 years ago.

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These minilabs where released. Just two minilabs in QSS39 series - QSS3901G and QSS3904G . QSS39 is based on QSS37 - just slightly improved. Who want to see this minilab can see it in one month on Photokina. Also there will be dry printers - QSS Green III and QSS Green IV.

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Thomas told that will be QSS3904G. Anyway what is difference, which minilab to see? QSS3901G and QSS3904G printer the same - different only processor. It is similar system, as was on QSS37 series. 

QSS390xG processor can have only standard replenishment system, or replenishment from Fuji cartridge ( CP49 ) . These minilabs will not have SM, or J ( Tetenal ecojet tablets ) replenishment options. 

Noritsu will be represented by Noritsu Germany ( Dipl-Ing. Thomas Mumken Sales GmbH ) . Hall 03.1, Stand A-020, the same where they where on 2016.

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