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Hello Noritsu club...

Please help and tell me if it's possible to baypass the scanner of a QSS 3411 ?

And if yes, which software do I need to install ?

I'm thinking to use the printer like Frontier 7700, connected by LAN cable direct to a computer !

Thank you in advance !

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Please provide me with:
PP model
LP model
control station (scanner unit) model.

Please contact me by email software@minilablaser.com If you need direct contact and more information.

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If you have QSS3411 ( SI-2400 + LP-2300 + PP-1223W ) and want to make QSS-34PRO then instead scanner ( SI-2400 ) have connect workstation CS-1 ( the same, which used with QSS32xx minilabs ) . 

LP-2300 has not LAN cable. It has LVDS + ARCNET. You can connect it only to scanner, or workstation.

When use scanner ( SI-2400 ) have to install QSS-3411 Digital system software. If instead scanner connected workstation ( CS-1 ) then have to install QSS-34PRO system software.

QSS-3411 and QSS-34PRO can be connected to EZ controller, but through scanner, or workstation computer. Need new version EZ controller and connection software.

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