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Starting a new Business Need Help with Equipment Selection

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Hello everyone,

Please I am new to the world of photo labs. I am looking to set up a photolab which I want to have web to print capabilities. That is customers are able to order prints online. I was looking for a used Noritsu 3702HD or 3701HD but those seem to be scarce in the market . Besides these which other minilabs can you recommend with as fast or faster print rate with similar image qualities and durability. 

Also we are looking to be able to make photobooks. I would like recommendations of very good photobook making machine out there in the market beside the chinese 10in1 options. 

Thanks and looking forward to some responses.





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If you need to buy bigger print size minilab ( 305 x 914 ) cheaper can buy not HD model. You will not see difference. Also can buy Fuji branded minilabs - LP7500 ,LP7600, LP7700, LP7900 . They can be installed using Noritsu software and will be equiv with Noritsu QSS3702 - QSS3705. There is Photobook print software. It can be used with Noritsu EZ controller. If QSS37 too expensive then to print the same size can use something from QSS32xx or QSS34xx.

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