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Need Rollers for Noritsu 120AFC

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The rollers on my 120AFC carrier on our 3101 are all gummed up.  I have bought replacement roiller kits before from Kanaou but they are out of stock.  Anyone have or have any or another source? I am in US.

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we have recently  reconditioned one 120AFC-II  by replacing ALL upper & lower rollers on it    and   we are out of stock of some of those too. also....  Rollers replenishment order out to Japan already

For  120AFC-II  ONLY     =   1x  A081727-01;  1x  A064472-00 ;  2x  A064471-00    and  4x  A064468-00

David Lam, Hong Kong                      My email address :  davidlam@sinopromise.com


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