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emrah yamak

passport photo problem

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hi. I have my fuji frontier 340 minilab. I do not see the white spots I should have in my puppies when I press the photos 4 * 5 cm in size. appears when I take the same photo 10 * 15 or larger. I'm just having problems with passport photos. b laser is said to be an error in my part. what are your views? Is there a problem with the laser or the crystal?

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Hy emrah yamak, maybe you should format the photo in Photoshop in the exact size and resolution you want (ie: 4x5cm, 300 ppi) and then send the photo in the DI Controller as "no resize". That is what I make, and I don't have any problems. Seems that this is a photo formating problem. When formating in Photoshop, double check the "resolution" field, because "300 ppi" is easily mistaken with  "300ppc" and if you sent a 300ppc photo in "no resize" to the frontier you photo will result large, as you're describing.

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thanks tiago for your comment. I do not have a problem when I remove the same photo on a thermal printer. the photo is very good. but I am having problems with the frontier minilab. photos at 4.5 * 6 cm and 300 dpi. the white parts in the eyes disappear. I think it originated from b laser or kristals.

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Hi Emrah, sorry I think I'v missunderstood your question.

Reading your question again, I'm trying to guess where is the problem.

Seems that the "white spots" (sclera) of the eyes are not showing on the printed photo. Check to see if the prints are as sharp the thermal printer. If they are not sharp, maybe the sclera of your photos is bluring over other parts of the photo (ie: pupils), resulting in not appearing on prints. If this is the case (hopefully if I understood your question), maybe a fine adjustment of the laser can fix (see maintenance menu).


OBS: My knowledge about minilabs is very weak af the moment. I'm noob yet, but trying to help. But this is a problem may occour with all types of printers when the prints when they're blured.

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Hi Dear Emrah,
This seems to be a problem of fine adjustment of R-G-B laser guns.

 Longback ago I had faced this problem. On black background small letters in white colour were not showing white.
but, was showing in blue colour.

You can also judge this problem.
To check this, do following things.

i) Create a Print file of size 4x6 with resolution of 300 dpi  in Photo-shop.
ii) fill it with Black colour (Background)
III) Draw white lines on it From top to bottom with starting from left to right side. (New Layer)

1st line of the size 1 pixel
2nd line of the size 3 pixels
3rd line of the size 5 pixels
4th line of the size 7 pixels
5th line of the size 10 pixels
6 th line of the size 15 pixels
7th line of the size 20 pixels
8th line of the size 40 pixels
9th line of the size 50 pixels
10th line of the size 100 pixels
Keep noticeable distance between two lines.
Write some characters/texts in white colour. Use font size 1, 2, 5,8,10, &12,
IV) save it as JPG.
V) Take a printont of it.
Vi) observe the printout carefully.

observe lines of 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 40, 50,100 Pixels. And texts written on the same.

Use 20X magnification lense
• Are these lines look clear White?
• If yes, 
then there is no problem of fine adjustment of R-G-B laser guns.
and cause of your problem is something else.

 • If No, 
then there is a problem of fine adjustment of R-G-B laser guns and this is the main reason/cause of your problem.
(look for the ghost colour line is or lines are present adjucent to line edges or small font size texts are coloured) 

Do fine adjustment of R-G-B laser guns, your problem will be solved.


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thank you so much. my problem b is from laser. b laser error when the machine is turned on :(    no problem in old prints, the machine cannot emphasize the yellow color . Do you know where the b laser current settings are made? 

machine cannot emphasize white in full.

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●Have you print the patterns which I suggested ?

If yes, then please upload the photos.

●What is your B LASER PD CURRENT value ?

●Do you get 'SOS ERROR MESSAGE' ?

●Is there BLUE COLOUR shade in BLACK COLOUR ?


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