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Big Dave

QSF-V50 & V50A - Is there a difference in parts between these ?

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A letter - film processor with film automatic load system. With this option can be models QSF-V50A and QSF-V100A.

Can be film processors with many letters and digits at the end ( -50, A, AB, ABSM, AEX, AJ, ASM, B, BSM, E, E-1, E2, EX, J, P, S-1, S-2, S-3, SM ) . For example QSF-V30P - pull push option, QSF-V100J - Tetenal ecojet ( tablet ) replenishment, QSF-V50SM - Kodak SM replenishment, QSF-V100ASM - automatic loading and SM replenishment...

Difference from regular models ( QSF-V30, QSF-V50, QSF-V100 ) - only options, which they have.

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