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Considering Fuji FP230B Film Processor

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Hey everyone, 

I'm new to the forum, considering buying a used Fuji FP230B film processor.
I can see it's one of the older fuji processors, what is everybody's view of it?

Are parts hard to find? Still ok to run despite its age?
Does anybody have a manual or brochure I could see?

I may have access to another machine to use for parts.


Cheers in advance,



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FP230B is very old Film processor. Newer was FP232B and then FP150SC.
All of them have been discontinued and no more supported by Fujifilm. Accordingly, no spare parts in Japan.

So the idea to have one more spare processor for parts is wise.
But some Chinese companies still produce gears, belts etc.
We have all manuals for it ( I personally scanned all books to PDF many years ago) and also have original PDF versions.
Also, software for EPROM is available. 
Contact me by email info@minilablaser.com if you need something.

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There are a few other files exist.

A long time ago, when only the books for film processors existed I used to scan each sheet of each book and made PDF files from jpgs.
Then I found a genuine made in Japan files.

- Service_manual FP230b
- Parts List FP230B (1st & 2nd ver.)
- Error Remedy FP230
- Installation Manual FP230
- Instruction Manual FP230B
- PreInstallation Manual FP230B
- Operator Instruction FP230B (Russian edition)
Let me know if you need it.

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