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Factory reset Film Processor fp230b

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Why do you need to reset film processor to factory settings?  If you this way going to solve errors it will not help you. Default settings are just primary. During work they many times could be changed. Better is to load backup, if you have it. 

Before factory reset, or loading backup make backup with your current settings. After that immediately transfer files from floppy to some other place ( floppy any time can become not readable ) . This way you save settings, which you have now and latter can return them.

If you sure that settings are bad you can load older backup, which did previous owner. To save and load backup you have go to maintenance mode ( 7xx menu ) . As I told before first save what you have and only after that load some other.

You can't choose reset to default on minilab menu. Reset can make during power ON. Have to hold two keys to do it.

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