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Photoxport Global limited

Oct 29 2014 07:42 PM | NeilT in Mini Lab News

Photoxport Global limited are pleased to announce that we are now a UK, Ireland and Iceland distributor for Noritsu (Japan), we believe this is a step move that will strengthen our place in the photographic retail market. To assist in this process we are now offering promotional prices, please see below.

Noritsu President Michio Fujimoto commented,

“I hope our business relationship could make both win-win and get the Noristu brand back in the UK and Ireland markets”

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Fujifilm announces Student Awards 2014 winner

Sep 16 2014 09:19 PM | NeilT in Mini Lab News

Fujifilm announces Student Awards 2014 winner

Posted Image Fujifilm has announced the winner of its 2014 Student Awards. The winner is Manuel Fernandez of Burton and South Derbyshire College who wins the title of 'Fujifilm Student Photographer of the Year' and a brilliant prize package courtesy of sponsors Metroprint, the online arm of Metro, the long-standing London pro-lab and Focal Press.

Manuel will be presented with £200 worth of film from Fujifilm, a professionally produced folio of prints, a one-to-one printing/consultancy session with one of Metroprint’s (www.metro-print.co.uk) top printers and can select books worth £100 from Focal Press (www.focalpress.com).

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New Designs: Benro Combination Series Tripod Range

Sep 09 2014 09:50 PM | NeilT in Mini Lab News

New Designs: Benro Combination Series Tripod Range

Posted Image Kenro, the official UK and Ireland distributor of the acclaimed Benro range of photo equipment, has announced new updated designs in the Combination Series Tripods range.

The Benro Combination Series is so named due to the choice of two platforms - either a simple flat platform or a geared centre column. The flat platform allows the tripod to work without any centre column, offering a very low working height.

The Combination Series offers the highest stability and loading capacity of the Benro Tripod Range, making then particularly suited to heavy equipment such as very long lenses and medium and large format cameras.

All models in the range are manufactured from high-grade 8-layer Carbon Fibre and feature multi-adjustable twist-lock legs.

The two new models: BRC3770TN and BRC4770TN feature legs with three sections; the former weighs 1.75kg and can support a load of up to 18kg, while the latter weighs 2.36kg and supports weights of up to 25kg.

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Kenro releases the Reflecta ProScan 10T film sc...

Sep 04 2014 11:42 PM | NeilT in Mini Lab News

Kenro releases the Reflecta ProScan 10T film scanner

Posted Image Kenro, the UK and Ireland distributor of Reflecta, the respected German manufacturer of cutting-edge digitization products has announced the Reflecta ProScan 10T film scanner.

The ProScan 10T provides top quality scans with an impressive resolution of 10,000 x 5,000 dpi and a Dynamic Range of 3.9 Dmax. Scanning time is 7 minutes for a full colour scan (at 10,000 dpi) with 24 Bit Colour Depth (maximum colour depth is 48 Bit).

The ProScan 10T also features Magic Touch technology which is hardware based dust and scratch removal with infrared sensors and automatic software correction.

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Kenro to exhibit at photokina 2014

Sep 04 2014 11:48 PM | NeilT in Mini Lab News

Kenro to exhibit at photokina 2014

Posted Image Kenro - a leading supplier to the photo retail and gift markets - is to exhibit its extensive range of Albums and Frames at photokina, Cologne, Germany, Hall: 9.1, Stand: D007 - 16-21 September 2014.

Visitors to the stand will be able to see a wide selection of the UK & Ireland distributor's exclusive lines that include both existing best-sellers as well as newly launched Frames and Albums.

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Welcome to Mini Lab Help

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Dlab1 Resetting Itself

Agfa Yesterday, 12:28 PM
Hello. My DLab1 resets itself while transfering photos from workstation to MPU. After one of the resets MPU didn't even want to boot Windows notfying me that hard disk wasn't found. I suspect in hard disk failure. Does anybody have any tips?
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Docking System D-Lab1

Agfa Yesterday, 12:12 AM
Hi, the docking system paper  processor of my D-Lab 1 was disassembled to exchange the gear broke and I believe that componetes are out of position. Anyone have photos or drawing of the assembled system in the initial position, showing the coupled axis drives and disks drilled the ends of th...
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Dks 750 Temp Of Dry

PhotoMe/Kiss 30 Oct 2014
welcome  is it possible to regulate the temperature in the dryer DKS 750   powitanie  jest to możliwe, do regulacji temperatury w suszarce DKS 750
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Install Ms01 V4.2 Xp On Sp2000

Fuji 30 Oct 2014
Hi everyone, please have the guide to install MS01 v4.2 for xp on SP2000 or simply to upgrade win NT with this version.   Thanks fotoper
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Ghosting In Picture, Dlab 1

Agfa 30 Oct 2014
Hello,   have some problems with some kind of "ghosting" in my pictures. You can see it in the attached file. Is there any solution for this? DTFS is off in my settings. This picture comes from a customer, who works with photoshop. Thank you for your help  
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