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      Mini Lab Help.com For Sale   03/16/2017

      2017 - Minilab Help could face closure at the end of the year. Our outgoing running cost and time is no longer being covered by our sponsorship. 
      With almost 10,000 members we have grown to be perhaps the worlds largest forum for Mini Lab Help. 
      We would now consider the sale of this web site, please contact us if you wish to discuss. 


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    Here is the recovery DVD for 8807- Y12 (PC19 & PC20) https://transfer.pcloud.com/download.html?code=5Z238aZ7fzhGUdTh5kZ9YFzZ24fITfUkjYLVma9XkwbHqfzO1Pv7
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    Hi Everyone! I want to thank to the guys from www.minilablaser.com for the software (MS01+MSP48) and support offered during the printer and software setup. I've got both software from the guys in a very short time after contacting them. I am using the software with a Fuji DX100, I had some problems with the configuration of the MS01+MSP48 with Fuji DX100, but the guys made very good troubleshooting remotely on TeamViewer, so now everything works fine. Recommend them for their services and promptitude.
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    By the way, I charged the customer only 50€ for that repair, probably too little, but it was easy to diagnose and fix, and I did not have to go on site, so...
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    I have had the problem on LS-600 Noritus Film Scanner LS-600. After I installed all the software, when I go to system and check Scanner Calibration, after executive, it is respond "Terminated Abnormally. is it about EZ controller.