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    Dave S

    3212 scanner makes distorted pictures

    Paper Advance Length Correction
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    Minilab service

    SP3000 firewire ports setting

    There system designed absolutely different than you think. Long to write. Ask your service engineer to help. Few persons from this forum payed for my time with my help run SP3000 using regular computer. I explained how to do all step by step.
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    EZ-controller needed!

    ok.. checking with my supplier for stock ( one piece of USED EZC Dongle retired from QSS machine). Will come back to you ASAP IF you have free time, please help to reset my photo quote so I can paste photos in the future... now is over-quoted
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    Mr Noritsu

    Whites arent white

    Have you run a control strip to check your chemistry? It is pointless trying to make corrections in your printer if you chemistry is out of balance. It may be incorrectly mixed, not replenishing correctly, or contaminated. Have you checked the replenishment rates on your pumps and calibrated them? Forget playing with the printer until you know your chemistry is OK. Fuji and Kodak both have RA4 process control strips, and even if you do not have a densitometer, a visual comparison of a strip from your machine, and the reference strip will help to rule out a chemistry problem.
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    Yes, you can upgrade your PC to the more powerful model. Please read more about minilab PC upgrade on my website here: https://minilablaser.com/
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