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    Noritsu 430 ailing

    Totally agreed with Dave S. it is due to poor Solid state relays solder joint with machine age. check and re-solder all bad joints . . . or make wire bridges bypassing burning area. I had met a few times this Relay PCB had burnt with hole Need to be very carefully and once it is done. . . . After repair . . . Better don't use program timer mode to warm up in the mornings while 430 was unattended (nobody in shop I mean ) unless you are 200% confident with the repair
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    Dave S

    Noritsu 430 ailing

    The usual cause of this is cracked solder joints on the Solid state relays that control the heaters. The vibration of the machine cracks the joints, then they start to arc and burn the circuit board. The solution is to check and resolder all the bad joints.
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    Noritsu 430 ailing

    Heater(check with voltmeter) or SSR - controls heater switching on/off(replace on PCB)fault. Can be repaired.
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    Noritsu 430 ailing

    Lab is not new. Almost all electronics in such old film processor are potencially supposed to be dead at any time due to exhausted electronic components and power supply unit. Clogged relay could be a cause of the fire. I recommend do not set up auto warming up of the FP in the future. You may have a fire. I sent you all information regarding the wiring and manuals, as far as I remember. So if you really need it - let me know please.
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    Hi, if to open the left door - there MUST be a PC inside. A scanner PC. If here is no scanner PC- ask for a big discount. If there is a PC exists - it is easy to convert this very good scanner into a stand alone unit if to obtain one more PC for a server and use different software packages, A1 (scanner) +C4/C5 (server) , MS01 + MS11 or FE software (S2)... We usually recommend our customers to use SP3000 with MS01+MS11. If you need a software - let me know by writing the message to info@minilablaser.com. Please note: if the seller of this scanner will provide you with a backup of the scanner - it will be perfect, because it will save a lot of time on future scanner adjustments.
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    Dave S

    unpredictable nois on QSS 3111 prints

    Enter the service mode, go to Menu → Extension → Maintenance → Data Transfer Test Click Yes Data Transfer. Check the results are all showing Good.
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    Minilab service

    3702 poor output on red object

    You can't make colors better, then can give your minilab, paper and chemicals. To have the best result your paper and chemicals should be good. Also need new and clean calibration plate. Calibration data should match plate. The best is to use ceramic calibration plate. QSS37 is new printer. It has better gamut then very old Fuji 370. New papers have better colors then old Fuji Crystal Archive type 1. Of course even on new minilab and paper you can't get the same, what is on your source picture - especially red color. On software you have choose correct paper profile. Only then your minilab can print as need your paper. Also can correct middle tone ( for each paper magazine ) and white balance ( this option have only on new system software versions ) . After that have find correct DSA settings. If some channel doesn't match your requirements you can enter corrections there.
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    So you have FDIA there ( A1 and C4/C5 ) . Have the latest C4/C5 version. It was designed for Windows 2000 and Windows XP, but can be forced to work on W7 x86 ( 32 bits ) .Write private message, if want to get at low price.
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    Noritsu LS-600 film scanner - 35mm & APS Scans upto 12"x18" - "Stand alone scanner" We will provide you will the LS-600 software and twain drivers so you can use it on your PC computer. You will need to have PhotoShop, Picasa or some software like that to use it as a stand alone scanner. Other wise you would need to buy the EZ Controler softeware. Includes: 1 - Noritsu LS-600 scanner: Used - seller tested and refurbished 1 - Power adapter & cord: Used 1 - USB Cable: Used 1 - LS-600 Software on CD: New 90 day warranty: Return or replacement

    950.00 GBP