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    E-2529 SOS detection failed-Frontier 355

    Hello again, First of all I want to thanks again Yustas for the informations I find in minilablaser.com/fujifilm-troubleshooting section regarding laser errors and symptoms.... I succeed to solve my problem folowing this steps : 1- after swapping the RED AOM with GREEN AOM , I find both in working state - so the problem was in optical block (red laser - optical surfaces - AOM RED crystal or electrical connections) 2- disassembly the laser box and box covers to have acces inside 3- visual evaluation of interior and optical surfaces (lenses-mirrors) 4- surprisingly I find lot of dust especially on the small rectangular mirror coresponding to SOS optical sensor, but also on all internal surfaces of assembly 5- carefully clean everithing I can triyng to remove dust everywhere I can, with special attention to SOS signal reflecting mirror and the path of Red laser 6- Contact spray applied on all laser assembly conectors And to my delight the Frontier work again like new. Hope my story will help someone in similar situation
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    Ez Controller Software Download

    Hi, Send me an inquiry to my email: info@minilablaser.com We have all software available to have HS1800 as a stand-alone unit (system, TWAIN, EZ Controller, Photoshop plugins etc).
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    PC NRT RD4 power supply trouble

    thank you for teaching then QSS-3111 ( unfamiliar model to me) is using Noritsu PC power supply that QSS-3001 (familiar to me) are using . . .. power supply with com port similar . :-)
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    You are wrong. This power supply has embedded UPS with connector similar to COM port. Common power suppliers do not have them. Of course there can use common power suppliers ( without UPS ) , but have to COM port connect +5V. Only then Noritsu software see that all is well with power supply and QSS shutdown will not turn off computer.
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    Minilab service

    Install MS01 in frontier 7900

    If to install LP-7900 standard choose MS01 with printer support ( if have stand alone version ) , or MS01 with scanner and printer support ( if have minilab with SP-500 scanner ) . MS01 with scanner support option is only for stand alone SP-500. For SP-500 MS01 not enough - additionally need MS11. It is possible to install LP-7900 using not standard MS configuration. Once I installed LP-7500 as tethered printer and all worked well. MS01 not enough to run LP-7900. You will need Fuji LP-7900 system software. I have the latest ( version 4 ) , but it is old and outdated. No new updates for these minilabs. Profiles are old also - no new papers there. Stand alone LP-7900 can be installed using Noritsu software for LP-7900. Software modern ( version 18, released at the end of last year and will be upgraded in the future ) . Noritsu has new profiles for these minilabs - all latest papers are there ( Fuji Velvet, Kodak Premier, metallic and etc ) . Have all software to install as Fuji, or as Noritsu. Fuji software can be installed on W7 ( 32 bit ) and Noritsu software can be installed on any Windows ( even W10 x64 ) . Have all software, manuals and experience how to install. All can be done on-line - without visit to minilab. Write private message, if need something.
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    Dave S

    Roller marks on prints from QSS-3300

    Have you checked that it is replenishing properly? What chemistry are you using? Are the replenisher rates correct? My guess is the problem is algae. What happens is you clean everything and it's fine for a few weeks then the problem starts again as the algae starts to grow back. The solution is to soak the STB crossovers and STB Racks in diluted household bleach overnight to kill off the algae. You may need to do the STB tanks as well. You can get anti algae additives for the STB to help stop the issue.
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    si tienes la version kpk8.1 ,debes instalar el parche APEX/KPK V8.X Image Display Update,este soluciona en algo el tema de iphone en winxp