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    I only try to assist without selling my business. with the little information given by the original post who still hasn't added any meaningful information. I will leave it at that, For anyone asking for help, Give more detail what error number sub number what sensor is showing abnormal. We are all here to help
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    The hotfix for this issue is this file: Windows6.1-KB2524249-x86.exe for 32bits installation You can get it on the microsoft website at this adress: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx%3Fid%3D29145
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    Abdo I have fix my problem if I can help you let me know
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    H001 was released after G001. Both versions support multicore CPU. Sorry, but both software versions for W2K only. Can upgrade only computer hardware.
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    What is your minilab model - QSS-3111 or QSS-3111-1 ? They have the same scanner, but printer is different. Maximal print size 12 x 18 inches ( 305 x 457 mm ) . I think the latest version H001. It is the latest I have.
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    Yeh. Agree that we stop here to wait for more information... i think the said "technician" won't tell Damian Perna which carrier sensor is bad,,,,, or technician doesn't know himself.
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    Small correction to Magenta post. Only if sensor sensitivity and intensity are 255 and you have error then you have change sensor. On some positions LED intensity 255 is normal value ( software set it to maximum and decreased sensitivity ) . Even if sensitivity and intensity are 255 it doesn't mean that sensor is bad. Can be many other problems with AFC hardware ( short circuit, board, connections and etc ) . I repaired many carrier, so now what I'm talking about.
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    Look in AFC adjustment with the service password. look for any sensor LED light intensity at 255. These are maxed out and need to be replaced. The LEDs are on all the time the neg mask is in position and the light output gets weak with time so the machine ramps up the LED to compensate. when it gets to 255 it cannot go any further. The LED is easy to replace though you have to dismantle the mask from its rails as the LEDs are all in the bottom. Normally you don't adjust or touch the photo transistor in the hinged part (top) the DX ones are not easy to replace and I would leave those alone. Each LED is mounted on a small PCB 25mm x10mm or so. The LEDs can be replaced with standard crystal clear green LEDs I bought some from ebay. Mine were brighter and a bit of a colder green, The ones fitted are a yellow green. They worked fine but as they are brighter the mask once calibrated was down to 65 instead of the normal 80. As long as they can detect film no problem. Take care with the orientation of the LED, the PCB is marked +-
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    Sensor pcb ( Noritsu part no. ) please. There are many sensors, sensor PCBs and LEDs etc. on the negative carrier which negative carrier is it ? AFC gen. 1 ? film format 135 ONLY, 135/240 or others . please provide more information so we can comment / help . .
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    Are you kidding? If it was inside processor 15 minutes then processor was not running. You have do following : 1. Take piece of paper and keep it on the light. 2. Run processor 3. Through control strip gap put paper inside processor. processor will take it. 4. Leave processor running and wait paper. It should go out from dryer. 5. If paper blue - have replace chemicals and check all ( circulation, replenishment, temperatures and etc ) .
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    If someone needs configure the LP5500/LP5700 for L1 software smooth installation and receive manuals - do not hesitate to send to me your inquire - I know where to take it.
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    OK, here is some information that Epson and others would not like you to have This will clear the error 0040 message, but I think you can only do this once!! But also if you have a play with these instructions you can find lots of other "hidden" maintenance menus that you may want to have a look at. EPSON 9600 STYLUS PRO MAINTENANCE To remove the