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    Red laser Replacement in 570

    I recommend inviting a service engineer who knows the full process of the laser module installation and laser beam fine adjustments. A red laser module installation requires a deep knowledge of it due to a certain number of tests to be performed. We have ready for shipment to your address a fully tested laser unit. All you will need is to fit it in the place of the old unit and perform a few simple adjustments. Level of difficulty: low.
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    Minilab service

    D1005 ceck cable

    Your software is not the latest, but good enough. The latest - printer software version 7 and profile 4.54 ( your version 5 and profile 3.20 ) . If your printer connected to RIP computer then problem on RIP computer ( driver, USB hub, USB port ) , USB cable , or printer ( USB port, printer board, power supply ) . Have check all. Can replace USB cable, connect to other RIP computer ( have to install driver, printer software and Epson printing module ) . If even after that have error then problem inside printer. Have to check power suppliers, USB port, internal USB cable ( between USB port and control board ) . If all OK - probably control board faulty.
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    Problem With Ms13 And Ms01 4.2

    No I got the answer from the Fuji guys, the reason why the new hotfolder wont stay in the config file is because we use a too long hotfolder name, MS13 is based on the old C8 and we can only use a max 5 charts for the folder name, idem for the paper size name.
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    DTR Tech

    Uneven border on Frontier 350

    That usually has a lot to do with the magazine not sitting snug/secure and straight against the cutter unit.
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    The belt is £750 from Fuji in the UK, I made temporary repair by splicing the broken belt with aluminium tape but only lasts a week or so then requires re splicing again. fotoservice.co.uk
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    I think original belt's price is USD 500 ~ 600 with any tax. I dont know about the sales tax and others cost of reseller. Alternative solution is what I do, I make a belt with film (negative) cutting same size and joint face to face with scotch tape. But, after every 3~4 days, we have to replace the belt. I think there is no other alternative solution.
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    its very important part. its the one controlling sub scanning speed. even small variation in the belt tension would also result abnormal printouts like in form of lines or stretched as u got now. just check with other sellers if you feel fuji reseller charge too much. its true that original would cost much. i am sure you can find out someone else thru internet for a competitive price. " I tryed an car engine, reinforced - and not streching - rubber belt" :-) its highly recommended to use original spare part. C...R
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    http://www.libertyphotoproducts.com/ This is the company we use to purchase a lot of the supplies for our lab, including the ribbons.