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    Dave S

    S3 scanner power requirements

    Yes I understand that it is a S900SA scanner you have. The CS-1 control station is mostly the same with or without a minilab, just the software is different. In the back of the CS-1 unit there is an image processing PCB, Digital ICE PCB and a Digital ICE Control PCB together with some power supplies. The S3 scanner connects to the D-ICE PCB, the interface board from the PC connects to the image processing PCB. Unfortunately you cannot connect the S3 scanner directly into the LVDS/ARCNET PCI card in the PC. Generally if the voltage of the device shows a higher voltage (220V) than your supply voltage (110V) it simply won't operate, it won't cause any damage to it. Obviously the other way around it will. 220V into a 110V= BANG!!! The HS-1800 spec sheet says input voltage 100-120V 50/60HZ or 200-240V 50/60HZ. But having looked up the specification of the actual power supplies (made by TDK-lambda) they can be operated from 85-265V AC. So it will operate on 110V despite the label on the back showing 220V. Similar power supplies are in the S2/S3 scanner so that can also be operated on 110V
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    Dave S

    no power to nortsu 2901

    Fuses blow for a reason!
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    Dave S

    no power to nortsu 2901

    You need to go back and re-trace your steps. Check all the connections are correct. Check no wires have been trapped and have got cut, check no screws have been dropped into the power supply etc.
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    Minilab service

    Ricoh FB9 replacement?

    If it is S-900SA ( without LPT capacity booster ) then can use any board from my list. Yes, find some motherboard with G31 ( or better with G41 ) chipset and use it on your workstation. Can use IDE socket to connect new motherbard ( power, reset, LEDs ) . Then can be used original connector. Make sure that you have system software and backups. You will need them to re-install software. Do not format your old HD - might be you need it. As I told before on new motherboard use SATA SSD. On new disk install Windows 2000 PRO. Then find all drivers ( except driver for PCI/LVDS-ARCNET card ( it will be installed after system software ) . If you install virtual capacity booster then you have S-1700SA ( faster scanner ) .
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    Ricoh FB9 replacement?

    Thank you so much, you're a lifesaver. It's the S-900SA setup (CS-1 workstation and S3 scanner without capacity booster module). So it sounds like it's time to hit the eBay and find a quality G31 chipset that has supported Win2K Pro drivers. Get the PC up and running on Win2k, install the PCI card, the SA900 software/drivers, and I should be back in business? I might end up contacting you in the near future about that virtual capacity booster once I'm back running.
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    fuji frontier 340 fc7011 died

    fuji frontier 340 fc7011 died.I need change upgrade to pc new.(I've read the article how to upgrade).but me not software for install.last system (4.0-0E-717i).I hope to get help because the company that sells this machine has stopped supporting the product and no technician.
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    FRONTIER 350 E2685 ERROR

    I am unfamiliar with the P1-RDS valve, I have a PDF version of the service manual for that machine. I did a search and did not find it there as well. Where is this valve located at? As for that permanent fix. That will take a bit of troubleshooting. You need to take the side panel off, the side where the main breaker is located. That will reveal you replenisher section. Next pull the front panel off in front of the processor section, then remove the panel to the right where the replenisher box goes. That will open up you replenisher drain valves. Breaker off the printer and then drain the 3 replenishers, don't drain PSR. Turn the machine back on and when it askes, install a new replenisher box. Once it starts mixing, go to the side that the breaker is located on, and watch the upper lower float switches. When it's done, are all replenisher levels at the same level. If not, one is not getting enough water. If they are the same level, maybe an upper float switch is going bad and stays down sometimes when there is plenty of solution tricking the machine that there is not enough there. If all levels are the same, there is a one way valve located just to the left of the replenisher tanks/float switchs I think for the P2RA. the valves ware out sometimes and need to be replaced, check the valves and see if they look abnormal. instead of being nice and smooth, they will be curved and not so smooth. replace and try mixing again. If that doesn't do the trick, it could be a little deeper. sometimes you get a message, cleaning valve abnormal, could be those guys having issues, not very likely. Eoughphily