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      2017 - Minilab Help could face closure at the end of the year. Our outgoing running cost and time is no longer being covered by our sponsorship. 
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  1. I was at a photographic place in recent times that is still running a wet lab, and was surprised to see a steady footfall of students taking in 35mm film for processing ... Yup there is demand.. Maybe not for "One Hour" but for quality....
  2. We have upgraded the web script that drives Mini Lab Help.com If you spot any errors or bugs please let me know.
  3. I suspect few new lab owners will have a densitometer and even know how to read a control strip and plot it on a Y55 .... and then understand the cloths lines..
  4. We have upgraded the web script that drives Mini Lab Help.com If you spot any errors or bugs please let me know.
  5. Thank you for that. It would be great if minilablaser.com that gets a lot of business from this web site considered helping and supporting Mini Lab Help.com with some sponsorship to help us keep this website open and free for all.
  6. Well done to pskaro for the help with this. It shows how Mini Lab Help really is a self help group.
  7. Just to wish all of our visitors a very Happy New Year and a successful 2017 for everyone.
  8. Please also use our FREE classified area for any parts that are wanted; http://www.minilabhelp.com/classifieds/
  9. To those celebrating I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  10. OK, got it. There is a time limit to how long you can edit a post for, so in this case the post was made in 2013. If anything does need removing, let me know as I have full access to what has been posted.
  11. I understand they have to be deleted from the original threads that they got posted in.
  12. We are sorry that Mini Lab Help has been down for several hours. Our new host had some issues with site traffic (botts) and we hope that this issue has now been resolved.
  13. I think that everything is now back up and running. If you spot any problems/issues please let me know. Oh, and you will find a lot of new emotions
  14. Thanks Dave, its been a task to get this far! Still several things to do, but just about everything is now back running.