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  1. We have upgraded the web script that drives Mini Lab Help.com If you spot any errors or bugs please let me know.
  2. You can use it that way and use the blade to trim the tape as it gets used, that was how it was meant to be used, but we found just using the tape by had was just as easy and quick.
  3. Cut off a piece of the tape, and insert in to a 35mm canister through the lip.It will pull out and extract the film
  4. We are now in the later stages of handing Mini Lab Help.com to new owners and expect that this should be completed in the next few days.
  5. NeilT

    Mini Lab Help - SOLD

    I will let the new owners introduce themselves once the finer details and full hand over is complete. I understand that the main model will still be in place.
  6. NeilT

    Mini Lab Help - New Owners

    All will be announce once the final deal is done.
  7. We are now in the final stages of handing over Mini Lab Help.com to new owners. I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that has been supportive of this this web site since we first started. And I am sure that the new owners will add some new life and spark and move Mini Lab Help on to a new direction. Thank you everyone. Neil Taylor.
  8. Gary from White Technical, has posted up a link to his site which has a few free downloads . One of the links is for a freeware version if image recovery software, for a freebie, it looks pretty good, and would be well worth you down loading. More details on the down load page at White Technical http://www.whitetechnical.co.uk/downloads.html Or to download direct use this link http://www.whitetechnical.co.uk/Downloads/setup%20digimrec.exe
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    Add server

    We have now upgraded our add server to a cloud based service. If you would like to advertise with us, please do let us know.
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    Forum Software update

    If you spot any bugs please let us know.
  11. We have done a upgrade to the script that drives the Mini Lab Help.com Classified area. You should not find any bugs, but if you do please let me know.
  12. Today Mini Lab Help.com passed 10,000 members, and a warm welcome to our new members. We have also just done another upgrade to the script that drives this forum. If you spot any bugs/errors please let me know.
  13. NeilT

    Forum Software update

    You need to start a new thread under the "Fuji" area.
  14. We have just installed a large update to the software that drives this forum. If you spot any bugs please let us know. View full article
  15. If you have a Epson large format printer like the 7600 or 9600 a word of warning. Our Epson 9600 started to flash up a warning message with the error number 0040 with maintenance required. So we spent some 48 hours trying to get through to Epson (UK) support, what a fooking nightmare that was.. and we are still waiting for replies from there e-mail support!! Any way, it seems that we have to get the "Waste Ink Pads" replaced ??? at a cost of... and get this....
  16. I was at a photographic place in recent times that is still running a wet lab, and was surprised to see a steady footfall of students taking in 35mm film for processing ... Yup there is demand.. Maybe not for "One Hour" but for quality....
  17. I suspect few new lab owners will have a densitometer and even know how to read a control strip and plot it on a Y55 .... and then understand the cloths lines..
  18. FDIS lab uses Le Tour to boost trade A recent photography competition designed to tie-in with the Tour De France has been hailed a great success by Knaresborough Photo Centre. The Fujifilm Digital Image Service (FDIS) shop boasts an enviable location in the heart of the picturesque North Yorkshire market town and when it was announced the Tour De France would be passing through, owner Philip Tennant knew it was too good an opportunity to miss. Philip explains: "I wanted to devise a promotion that would capitalise on the feel-good factor surrounding 'Le Tour' so I approached Fujifilm to see if they'd help us. I was delighted when they agreed to fund the purchase of the main prize - the really smart new bike that became the centrepiece of the promotion." He continued: "We came up with a photographic competition and invited locals to submit a picture with a bike as the main theme, but with the instruction to make it fun, different and exciting. We also involved a charity in the competition, with a donation for each submission being made to Marie Curie Cancer Care. The response was brilliant and the bike also made a really eye-catching window display." Although there was no trade on the actual day, Philip Tennant said they have sold greeting cards, enlargements, display prints and framed prints of the race through the town. The Tour De France passing through the town has had a positive impact. Visitors are on the increase and this has meant a small increase in the sales of local views. The Tour De France is the world's largest annual sporting event and over 3 million visitors flocked to Yorkshire to witness the historic 'Le Grand Depart'. Philip wasn't alone in entering into the spirit of Le Tour with Knaresborough winning the award for 'Best Dressed Town' for the event. The winning entry came from one of Phillip's younger generation of photographers - 9 year-old Cassi Stewart. Cassi's entry was entitled, 'Mum, I know I left my bike here somewhere!' Peter Wigington, Marketing Manager for Fujifilm Photo Imaging Group made this comment: "We're always delighted to hear of our FDIS member retailers using high-profile local events to promote their business so we were pleased to be able to support Knaresborough Photo Centre's competition. Events don't get much more higher profile than the Tour De France!" For further details on FDIS and Fujifilm's range of photofinishing products and services, contact photoimaging@fuji.co.uk
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    Forum Upgrade

    We have upgraded the web script that drives Mini Lab Help.com If you spot any errors or bugs please let me know.
  20. Thank you for that. It would be great if minilablaser.com that gets a lot of business from this web site considered helping and supporting Mini Lab Help.com with some sponsorship to help us keep this website open and free for all.
  21. NeilT

    DKS3 centering issue

    Well done to pskaro for the help with this. It shows how Mini Lab Help really is a self help group.
  22. Just to wish all of our visitors a very Happy New Year and a successful 2017 for everyone.
  23. To those celebrating I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.