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  1. some one? suggestions?
  2. any idea how fix this issue?
  3. Hi after print, have this issue, the black tonal change to brown.... is inkjet dx100 have original fuji paper and ink, standard quality print,
  4. Hi maybe this can help you:
  5. hi, all work fine if create a order in the machine, but send by network via job or hot folder, no send to print, only says RENDERED please check picture, thanks in advance
  6. hi sorry for contact, any chance to get ms01 for Windows 7? regards
  7. 2 beeps probably RAM, if you have two DIMM cards installed, test take one off, try to on, if not, take off put the another one and try.
  8. hi, can you share a backup copy? evanthule127@gmail.com regards
  9. Sr. Please, how can get your help? With this cd? Evanthul127@gmail.com Thanks
  10. we was updated this kiosk, buy from a second hand but no system media included and no customer card, mistake from us no check that , but some one give us a some update media files, we start updating the machine from 8.4.5, then 8.7.4 then to 9.6 but lost power AC and then shut off, and now no system boot and hdd, now we need replace the hdd, , but no system media backup, no cd, no customer card, to reinstall. Any one can send a hdd full backup/ghost of your order-it????? have updates files 8.4.0 to 9.6 if someone you can help us or need it. evanthul127@gmail.com