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  1. My P1 must have got contaminated as I now have blue instead of black. I would like to make a fresh tank of CD. I have a balance of chemicals from previous installation but the chemicals are in bottles that have no labels. I suspect one to be starter (colourless) but the other I don't know if its CD or fixer. The tech who last mixed is no longer in the country. Any guide to identify these chemicals by smell or colour?
  2. P2 filter clogging everyday

    True. I drained and cleaned the tank, then filtered the solutions. It seems Ok now.
  3. Frontier 570 colour problem

    For how long must I keep the piece of paper in running processor? I kept it for two minutes and the paper came out dark blue. I put it back and forgot it there for over 15 minutes then found it black.
  4. P2 filter clogging everyday

    Everyday I start the machine, P2 safety thermostat activated. I have to remove and clean the P2 filter and restart the machine. I always find the filter severely clogged with white substance. Is anything wrong with my chemicals?
  5. Frontier 570 colour problem

    Thank you Kevbo37. I've been experiencing the exact same problem and photos were really looking bad. Condition setups were always NG and black had turned blue. I came across your chemical tip and operated P1R pumps 20 times and viola! I'm back to business. The black though is not yet as deep as it was before the problem. Seems I may have to operate P1R pump a few more times. My machine is F340
  6. Frontier 340 Auto shutdown

    Minilab PCs have special power supplies. What do you mean ...bought a normal power supply...?
  7. Frontier 340 S1 Pc Not Powering Up

    Sorry I didnt post updates. It was PSU problem. Replaced and machine Worked.
  8. Print From Media Greyed-Out Fe-S2

    I re-read the manual. Configuration of the printer from the Imaging controller was my problem. I hope you got sorted out.

    Fuji Frontier 340 with AD200 paper condition setup always NG regardless of number of repeats. I have tried cleaning tanks and changing chemicals with same result. A close look on the condition setup print reveals thin yellow lines below the blacks. Somebody with this experience?
  10. Frontier 340 S1 Pc Not Powering Up

    I shutdown the system this morning when it was still warming. On starting up, two beeps and the display showed no signal. Checked, the PC is off. Trying to start manually but no luck. any ideas?
  11. Print From Media Greyed-Out Fe-S2

    My DICII Hard disk crashed and I had to start installation from scratch. Successfully installed XP and basic software. Got DB_CREATE and DB_BACKUP errors during installation of S2 but proceeded to the end. On loading, x-p7-0003 software error occurred. When I click Ok, only Media from Media menu is available. Print from media is greyed out. Any help will be appreciated