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  1. When printing using the Frontier 570, the papers jam in the head and dryer section. The rollers suddenly stop spinning and make a noise, like they are forcing or something. There's no gears broken, it has been verifed over and over. Many have been changed too. If the cover of the drying section is removed, the rollers of the head seem to spin more easily, but if i touch the black rollers where the paper get out, pressing them to slightly make a resistance, those rollers stop spinning and it make a loud jammed noise. It seem that using sillicone spray on the plastic parts where the shaft of the rollers are supported help for a bit, but the problem come back. My assumption is that something somewhere is old (the machine have 10 years) and create a resistance on the rollers. When paper have to be moved, it is simply too much for the motor whole head and dryer unit. Anyone experimented the same problem, and could pin point me to a solution?