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  1. F570 Randomly stops printing

    A bit of clarification: The door light turns red, and display says Processing, but the printer unit is just not doing anything.
  2. F570 Randomly stops printing

    Hi all, Have been having an issue with 570 just randomly stopping printing. Sometimes can happen multiple times a day, sometimes doesn't happen for a couple weeks. FMPC would show 100% memory use but no prints are going through. Restarting the FMPC doesn't do anything. Restarting the printer at the breaker results in a phantom jam and once that is cleared it continues printing normally. Tried replacing the firewire. Tried replacing the RAM in GMB23. Any other suggestions? Thanks
  3. Thanks all, I did manage to replace it, here's what i did. I hammered the motor out of the pulley and bearing holder through the centre hole you can see in that pic. Then, through the same hole, but with a nail punch, hammered out the pulley (together with the bottom bearing) out of the top bearing. Put it back together the same way, seems to be working fine.
  4. Hi, I am working on a QSS35 (branded as Fuji LP7200, but same machine as I've been told). I'm trying to replace the "motor 2 belt" in exposure advance unit, but I ran into a problem. In the manual, the motor holder should have a bearing holder plate attached to it one one side, but what I have is the holder being one solid piece of metal (see pics). I am not sure how to go about removing this belt because it is trapped between the shaft and the housing. Tried taking apart the entire motor from the damper end, but the damper doesn't want to come off - and taking it apart from the butt end doesn't seem right. Is there some trick to pushing the shaft/bearings out of this one-piece holder? Not sure how this belt is supposed to come out at all. Did anyone encounter this before? Any info appreciated. Thanks!