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  1. Hey there, I'm in this same position now. Do you mean to enter service and backup all service data and then read that data on the new machine? Or is there a specific place in the menu for backing up scanner and afc data? I have a 3300 + s3 wanting to put the s3 on a 3502. Will the 3502 read service data from the 3300? If so, how to only select to read the scanner and afc data only? Thanks
  2. here is the print from the daily setup this morning. As you can see there is still a little bit of noise. Could this be due to interference? Cables are grounded? Should I try replacing the cables?
  3. Update: I just turned the machine on and printed a daily setup . The print is now normal. Could this be an issue with overheating or noise from power?
  4. I just did a laser diagnostic and everything is fine at 75%. I did another test at 45% and the blue laser has error not the green. Are there any other checks to do ? Perhaps Green AOM? or Perhaps cabling? Thanks,
  5. Hi Ive recently found this noise issue as pictured. I've swapped all the AOMs with other AOMs that I have and the issue went away for a few hours and then it return to the same. What could be causing this? Thanks
  6. Hello, I have recently purchased and installed a used laser unit for my 3330 due to a blue laser failing. I have not had issues with my prints since. Although I've noticed this occuring when printing black and white images. The first couple prints are normal and then the prints start to go a shade a either yellow or magenta. Is this something to do with a laser setup I haven't yet completed? See attachment: Top image is the first print, bottom print is the prints to follow after the first print. You can see where the laser has started to change about half way into the image. Thanks,
  7. It seems the printer profile calibration seemed to fix it. Thank you Dave
  8. I will give it a go, but I've recently done that. Any other suggestions? Perhaps something I can disable and re-enable in the menu?
  9. Scans and prints are coming out normal. We've only just started with positive scanning and just found this happen. The light source updates fine. it does the same when inserting a negative into the positive channel too, so it's not the film.
  10. I'm having this issue when printing indexs for the positive film channel only. It appears the same on different print channels, paper types and sizes. I have a S3 scanner and running the latest software (ver 8)
  11. Hey everyone, I've got a Noritsu 3300 with an S3 scanner. My usual processing is to scan negatives to TIFF, Quality 3, BASE 16 with Index printout. I'm finding that the machine won't start to take up the next roll of film until the last index is generated in printed out. This can take up 1-3 minutes which delays the process. I've looked at the process monitor on the computer and the CPU doesn't seem to be processing much. Is it possible the machine waits to print or it's being processed elsewhere? Is there way to be able to continue scanning and bank up the processing or can the machine only handle one scan job at a time. If anyone could let me know if there are any possibility to increase scan speed or perhaps increase speed of index generating . Thank you
  12. I have one QSS-3300 . The “S-3” Film scanner is now having the same error no. 1314 [ Light source evenness is out of allowable range] every light source setup . We have followed the Corrective Action to clean the parts in the Light Source Section and Photometry Section, referring to machine manual, but this error no. remains everyday. Please Help.
  13. Hello everyone, I purchased a 3502 machine recently and it currently has a S1-II connected to it. I am yet to pick it up, I will be doing so in a couple weeks. My current setup is a 3300 with a S3 scanner. I am wondering if my S3 scanner is compatible with the 3502 machine? Or do I need any specific software for it to run on it? Thanks, Rewind Photo Lab
  14. It updates normally without errors. The prints look fine from the negative. It's only for the saved scanned images. I appreciate your help on this one.
  15. Our film is perfect. We are doing control strips daily. We are scanning to TIFF Quality 3 - BASE16 LARGE size.