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  1. Hi, I was just checking the processor today and I notice the the fan or the 3 fans don't seem to move at all. Is it this normal?, will the fan work only if it is overheating?, I have looked the fan close to the computer and that one is on all the time. There are two fans by the chemical door, and one to the other side of the door, close to the heating machine. Thanks for any info you may have. -Luis
  2. luchura

    Noritsu 31 PRO processor fan

    It seems they are not always on, I try to get the fan number markings and all the fan's were working. I said it was not working before because during the warm up process in the morning it was all turn off. So I think they must be off during the warm up process. Thanks, -Luis
  3. I need to replace the pump hose the one that comes from top going in into the pump. I was trying to replace just the pump, but it was so hard to remove the hose. I used some pliers and made it release, but now there is a hole in the hose... @$#@.. I did try to remove the upper side of the hose, but it seems it is glued very hard. Any clues what should I do?. I was thinking to remove the hose, and get one from Homedepot. Does anyone know how did they install this hose in the first place, did they use a heat gun or something like that?. Thank you in advance for any tip.... -Luis
  4. Thank you very much Big Dave, I will try that.
  5. Hi, I got a bad pump kdp-5b -L500 I found one that looks the same but has this other code in it kdp-5b - h500 Will this work, on my machine?. I did try to search for the spec for this pumps but nothing comes up. The one I have moves very slow. Anyone knows the difference. Thanks, -Luis
  6. Hi all, I need a little help here trying to replace the Developer. Our tech guy made the initial installation and chemicals, but we don't trust that guy any more because it took him like 5 to 6 months to make the machine work very bad story. Anyways, I know he used the following quantities for developer RA-4 CDR 2X10L and 1 CD STARTER 1X1L 31 Pro tank size seems like 15 Gal, with rack in it it is like 12 1/2 Gal. 1 RA-4 CDR makes a 10L mixed with water. I don't know if I just have to add the CD Starter with any water or just add like that?. Thanks for any little help you may have. -Luis
  7. luchura

    Noritsu 31 PRO Chemicals CD starter

    Thank you again Big Dave, Yes the tank size is 41.63 litters with the 2 racks in the machine. I have checked the temperature settings and it is set to 38 deg C. I am using Excel for the calculations and it is a very good tool. Thanks for the recommendation. We are going to change the Bleach P2, and the rinse P3 also. For P3 the tech just had water in there, do you know if that is Okay, or we got to get a chemical for the Rinse?. Thank you, -Luis
  8. luchura

    Noritsu 31 PRO Chemicals CD starter

    Thank you Big Dave, I measured the tank for the Noritsu 31 Pro Turbo with water, and the developer size is 11 gallons or 41.63 I am using Champion developer 40162, CD STARTER 40411. I guess the magic words to search on google was the Champion technical data sheet. I found this site: http://www.championimaging.co.uk/ClientArea/files/Product Listings PDFS/COLOUR/RA4 Chemicals/RA4 Standard (Low to Medium Throughput)/140162 Primaprint SP VR Developer 6x10L/140162 SP VR Developer Tech Data Sheet.pdf with instructions exactly as what you said. It seems there are two formulas to choose based on the replenishment rate, one is at temperature 38 deg C, and the other one 35 deg C. Which one I choose? how do I know what is best?, it seems I have to program the rate on the machine too right? Thank you so much. -Luis