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  1. 3201 Ez Controller

    Do you need Ez controller software?
  2. You dont need dongle for use this.
  3. Dear Sir good morning my name is Juan Carlos, I have a fuji frontier 340 and want put new templates create in photoshop to my software MS01 ver 3.0  how to do it ?


    I have installed the ms14 and ms15 but I dont know how put my template in the software MS01

    Can yo tech me how to do it please


    my email is carlos_2170@hotmail.com


    thanks in advance..


  4. I send to you a p.m. check this.
  5. Hi, I sold this software for different clients for 300USD and never have problems for install this, if you buy of noritsu  is your decision.

    Where are you from ?

    best regards..

    1. statefilm


      Thanks for you help. I will do some more research and let you know if I need to purchase the software from you. 

    2. ALANSUR


      ok no problem 

      best regards..


  6. Yes, you need install software QSS-3300Pro, I have this software but this it´s not free
  7. Hi. you need change the software
  8. Slow Digital Imaging Controller Computer

    I recommend use MS01 software
  9. Slow Digital Imaging Controller Computer

    Do you need change of software
  10. Slow Digital Imaging Controller Computer

    Really DI Print-data Writing Service Software is very old, where are you from ?
  11. Slow Digital Imaging Controller Computer

    Hi, I recommend changing software
  12. Noritsu QSS 34 PRO

    Try the following, print file test fuji, I need to see exactly this print with owner software of 34 and another print with Ez-controller both with value default DSA.
  13. Noritsu QSS 34 PRO

    Hi Spheros your problem I'm sure is bad setting.
  14. Dear Sir do you use your escanner stand alone or use your escanner with the minilab ?
  15. Failure highlights

    What software you have installed ??