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  1. Im1500 help needed

    Hello all, I'm trying to configure the scanner using a windows pc without success so far and I could use some help on the following topics! 1) The scanner appears as eight devices in the device manager of windows. Is this a normal behavior or I have to investigate it? Please note that the drivers are installed for each device and the DKS software communicates, as far as I can tell, correctly with the scanner. 2) I had a version missmatch message when starting the DKS software but it was resolved by running the "Update Firmware" test case from DKS software. Is there anything else to be done regarding firmware? 3) When trying to perform a pre-scan, I always get the following error: [0xC00D] COMPUTE_REDUCED_SET_FAILURE [0X0000] No Action. I've already tried to change the value of GATE_WINDOW_SIZE_TOLERANCE to 25 as proposed in the forum but it didn't do anything. Can someone explain under what conditions this error appears and any possible workaround? 4) When trying to perform calibration with the test films, I get the error mentioned above. Does the scanner have to run and pass each test prior to be able to scan? 5) Some tests are failing. Not total failure but the values are not in the acceptable range. I suppose that the scanner should be able to scan even at lower quality. Is this the case or it will not scan at all? Since I'm all out of ideas, any hints will be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Im1500 scsi interface

    Hello all, I own the Im1500 film scanner and I'm looking for a way to connect it to my PC. Unfortunately I'm lost with all the technical details of the SCSI interface and I would appreciate if someone could help me. If I'm not mistaken, the scanner has two hpdb50 SCSI connectors. What SCSI controller should I buy for my PC (SCSI-2 - Ultra SCSI)? Thanks in advance!