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  1. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/69231b9f7c3e937ce67b5955ea11cbc320170404184428/7e9bb0c2b58c7b5bf8cbfb411db2052720170404184428/d1fbe8?utm_campaign=WT_email_tracking&utm_content=general&utm_medium=download_button&utm_source=notify_recipient_email gray test is here
  2. Checked the ground and power supply/voltage. All that is good and does not seem to be the source of the problem
  3. We bought the "refurbished" qss-34 a few months ago and it seems to have one problem after another. I have a light banding that is progressively getting worse on prints coming off of it. The banding is on the leading edge of the prints as they come off of the printer and then dissipate. The light banding has been there since we got it. I've tried everything the people we got it from have said to do to fix it, such as the Paper pressure operation correction but to no avail. There was also a darker more solid black banding line that ended up being fixed when they sent us a replacement exposure drive/advance unit. However the light banding has never gone away, and recently has started to get worse. Any suggestions for what could be causing this problem or for a possible fix? I've attached two samples of the banding. Thanks for any help!
  4. So for when I'm adjusting the exposure magnification setting using the 12 inch paper which marking should I be adjusting at?(70, 110, 130, 160, 190, or 290)
  5. Can anyone explain to me how exactly the exposure magnification correction works on the QSS minilabs(we have a QSS 34pro)? More specifically if I wanted to adjust the image width on a 5 inch print without effecting larger sizes that much and vice versa. Also it seems like the part of the image closer to the sides is more stretched out than the center part of the image, how would I bring the outer parts of the image in without(or just sightly) effecting the center?