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  1. 6820-0006 &6901-0080 (image processing PCB operation error& ARCNET communication error)
  2. 6820-0006 &6901-0080 (image processing PCB operation error& ARCNET communication error)
  3. hi.thanks dave for reply.we have an error too. (image PCB operation error at start up machine sometimes and during printing.
  4. hi. yes after cleaning head i tried to do the uniformity pattern 2 . 3 &4 but i have errors.uniformity correction error no.6032-0002. https://files.fm/u/wbb2udqu andhttps://files.fm/u/2cbkyb2x my test pics.thanx
  5. hi.thanks for ur-time i cleaned mlva house optical parts&dichroic filters. voltage of lamp is 28.5v and its gain values:gainB:120 gainG:8 GainR:35 Sensitivity 203 and Initial Sensitivity:105 and load voltage adjustment values:Drive voltage(after&before)HIGH(A:548 B:650----A:531 B:645) Mid(A:540 B:642----- A:523 B:637) LOW(A:532 B:634----A:515 B:629) Biass voltage(Before/After):B 73 21 G 71 22 R 0 0
  6. hi. uniformity mlva emission error 6032-0002 &uniformity correction error 6088-0001
  7. hi.We have a problem with our Noritsu 2901.we have blue line on print.and error in Uniformity& error in all patterns(Uniformity Pattern 2.&Uniformity Pattern 3& Uniformity Pattern 4)how to fix it?blue lines is double on 305cm.