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  1. MyPhotoBoothMn

    Kodak 6800

    I am very grateful for your response my email address is info@myphotoboothmn.com Thank you for taking the time to respond!
  2. MyPhotoBoothMn

    Kodak 6800

    I have many of the Kodak 6800's they work very well for mobile printing, they are just very heavy. The issue I have is one printer has about 15,000 prints on it and it got a "scratch " on the print head and leaves a streak down the picture. So i took a printer that was working really well, great quality print but had sensor issues for the paper and was hard to get it to see paper was loading. I took the print head out and moved it to the machine with the streak. The printer works but with really bad color alignment and the pictures are blurry. I have been looking for about two years for the service manual and have for the most part given up. If anyone can tell me how to adjust the print registry to clear up the print that would be greatly appreciated. If by chance some one has the printer service manual that would be appreciated just as much if not more. I would replace the printers but they printer but I have so many and they seem work well most of the time. Thank you for any assistance.
  3. MyPhotoBoothMn

    Kodak 8800 Printer Repair Manual

    If anyone has a repair manual for the 6800 / 6850 I would greatly appreciate a copy as well. I have few of these printers and it is hard to find anything online to help trouble shoot issues. Thank you. Email is Info@MyPhotoBoothMn.com