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  1. sdcomputers

    MS01 Shared Drive access

    Managed to solve it Mapped the Network drives
  2. sdcomputers

    MS01 Shared Drive access

    I have just installed a NAS drive on my network , is there a way of accessing a specific shared folder when loading files for a job I can see the NAS on the network and access any shared folder from explorer but when I created a new job only the local drives are listed
  3. sdcomputers

    ASK2500 Windows 10

    Windows 7 driver works in 10 but you have to disable the file integrity checking in windows 10
  4. sdcomputers

    Photo ID Software Error

    I installed MS19 and when I run it I get the following error "E-MS19-1008 (Photo-ID print II Software: 0203004) Error starting the Photo-ID Service. Re-start the Photo-ID service" has any one got any idea I did a full reinstall of MS01, 6 frame viewer and still same error
  5. sdcomputers

    MS01 error

    Error cleared was an obvious solution
  6. sdcomputers

    MS01 error

    So I replace the hardrive with the one that was working restart and now that install is showing the same error FFS
  7. sdcomputers

    MS01 error

    English I have made a fresh install of Operating System ( XP SP3) and installed the software onto a spare Harddrive in this order MS01 , MSP43, Image Processing software, Printer drivers, Printer system files , 6 frame viewer It works on the old hardrive and dosnt give the error.
  8. sdcomputers

    help with custom print size

    Maintenence > 08 products >802 print size
  9. sdcomputers

    MS01 error

    If I load pictures to print I get an error when I select the Crop and priview option message comes up missing file and lists the path to the where the file should be I can quick print and process the order without problems I have reinstalled all the software and still comes up with error another machine installed in the same order dosnt have the error i thought it may be the SQL server causing the problem but ive checked the settings and it all seems OK
  10. sdcomputers

    Ink Cartridge errors

    I have installed 4 new Cartidges into DL430 and status indicated 100% full for some reason three of them are now showing 50% has anyone come across this
  11. sdcomputers

    7 and 8 print sorter Units

    I have both a 7 and 8 print sorter I can setup the 7 order sorter on a DL430 but when I try the 8 Order sorter if I select the 8 order option it will not work and i get a contant message saying remove prints from sorter if i set it as a 7 order sorter it works but only feeds the prints in one direction away from the sorter into the large print tray is it compatible with the DL430 ?
  12. sdcomputers

    ASK2500 Windows 10

    does any one know if the ASK2500 will work with windows 10 I cant find drivers but there are win7 available
  13. sdcomputers

    DL430 7 print sorter

    does any one have a user setup manual I think mine is missing a part but without the manual I cant tell
  14. 040 error is cleaner pump end of life message i apears at aprox 5000 cycles Hold down Paper Setting ,Paper feed down and Eject buttons and turn printer on you should get a view counters message and you can reset all the counters from the menu I fill my maintenence tanks with incontinence pads and just reset the chip via the menu I have the 7600/9600 service manual if needed
  15. sdcomputers

    Fuji DL430

    Drylab is set to inches MS01 is set to mm , cant find where to change it