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  1. Ez Controller Program Timer

    Hello, can someone tell me how to set the program timer(change the clock) or how to turn it off if it's possible and to explain how it works because for example at my lab the program timer it's set to 9:00 AM.. usually I don't select the option but sometimes when I'm in a hurry I turn it on and the next day the pc won't open at first but after a while it opens and works normally. Usually I turn the switch off on the machine when the shop is closed and in the morning I turn the switch on and power up the pc! I have some manual it says only what this functions does and nothing else neither how to set nor how to turn it off. Thanks, for reply!
  2. Hello, can somebody tell me if it's possible in ez controller settings to set as input device... to recognize a photo camera directly via usb ? Because when I connect the camera via usb cable to pc it does recognized the camera i can see all the photos on the camera but I want ez controller to see it too.In my computer it doesn't have a letter assigned to it like other usb memory or memory card it shows only the camera model and it isn't assigned to any letter (driver). Long story short I want to transfer images from camera to the lab from a photo camera via usb by selecting on ez controller in the input media selection menu a'n option without removing the memory card from the camera an putting in the card reader. I want only to transfer from camera via usb cable as a input option without removing the memory card !!!. Lab model Qss-3501 Plus .......Ez controller 6.60.....Windows 10 64 bit Thanks in advance ...Have a nice day!
  3. Drivers for a lab Pc

    Thanks for the info,I have only the 2nd recovery cd and I didn't find the 1'st one. It's a'n old computer from my work.When I will go to work I will check for the model number. Thanks for the reply ! Have a nice day.
  4. Drivers for a lab Pc

    Hello, i want to ask if somebody have the drivers for a motherboard for a pc.The pc model is "PC-NRT-RS13" i don't know the motherboard model. I need to know if you can send me the drivers for the pc or where can i find it ? Usually it's use with a Qss-3501 plus lab it's a pc made by Rioch Company. Thanks,for reply! Have a nice day!
  5. Ez Controller Software Download

    Sorry for the late reply....thanks for the offer and for the support .... i want to know what the cost is for the ez controller 6.60 " noritsu qss-3501 plus" and for the noritsu Ls-1100 scanner (all system software) , and i would think about it ! I want to know also if i need to upgrade the dongle? If you don't mind I want to tell me if you know where i can buy parts for he lab .... i want to replace a belt from a rack unit code " A035148-01" Thank for the help! Have a nice day !
  6. Ez Controller Software Download

    Hello , so i've checked the version of the ez controller on Qss 3501 PLUS an it's 1.50 I think it's a very old one. So basically i want to have 2 pc with ez controller in case one of the pc breaks or doesn't work properly to switch with the other...... as a backup. For now the lab works good but with windows xp on a pc custom made and i want for the other pc the backup one to install a newer windows version on it with ez controller.That pc is basically the one that i get from noritsu when i get the lab but they didn't left me the drivers for the pc and i need to find it on the internet. I have all the cd with ez controller but only for v1.50 and all that remove red eye and all that stuff and i want a new version of it. So what i want you to ask is.1) for example if i install my ez controller v1.50 can i update the software to a newer version or I must install directly the new version or i can do both 2) last time i tried to install ez controller 1.50 on windows 7 but the lab was not working properly it didn't see the connection between the solution part of the lab and the pc it's there a version above that, that works only with windows 7/10 i think this one doesn't work properly. 3)what it's the use for the dongle ? 4)i also have a noritsu ls-1100 scanner if i want the scanner to work on newer windows and ez controller, I must update the software too ? If u can send me the latest software of ez controller and the system software that would be great...Thank you ! I will send you a message in private I got the original manuals i don't think there are any changes from the original ones. Thank you for the fast reply last time and for the info.. Have a nice day !
  7. Ez Controller Software Download

    Hello.I have a qss 3501 plus microlab and i need to know if it's possible to install ez controller on a pc with windows 7 or 10 x64?. I have a dongle but i don't know the version of the ez controller.I will check and come back later. I would like also to know what's the last version of ez controller that works with qss 3501 plus and if somebody has it and if it's possible to send it...... Thank you, have a nice day !!!