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  1. Technaphot

    E2529 Error

    The machine is in Burundi, I'm technician in copying and photo machines for 35 years and have a colleague with same experience. So cleaning softly is not a big problem. But further I cannot go without help. Thank you and regards. Robert AUDRIT 0
  2. Technaphot

    E2529 Error

    I found dust on polygon mirror will remove and re assemble and send the data
  3. Technaphot

    E2529 Error

    ok I swapped by place and wire of course. I'm trying to open laser to clean mirror. Will send info after. Thank you. Robert AUDRIT
  4. Technaphot

    E2529 Error

    Dear all friends technicians, I Have an LP1500 that works pretty good for years and years. I try to keep in the best condition possible. This mornin we got an error E2529 no SOS detection. I've read in the forum a few comments about this type of error. I tried to swap Red and Green AOM without result. Does anybody have another idea ? I Didn't have any stripes problem and last picture was partially printed in good colour. After that blak only , annd now impossible ti print anythinG. Thank you in advance and regards. Robert AUDRIT