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  1. schematics diagrams 3011

    Sorry, but I need the diagram and because of the long time the link is no longer available. Could someone make me available? Otavio404@gmail.com
  2. I'm In brazil - Vitoria. I have a minilab Noritsu 3011 all original. Every time I turn on the minilab, the K001 program does not go up. The message "initializing K001" is shown. After a long time, the error "ARCNET" (6901-0010) appears. Together appears the error 1801-8000 (Execute software upgrade - Coloimeter Unit -). After recognizer these faults, the program screen normalizes. When sending a photo print, the paper is pulled from the magazine, but does not advance. The program records the requested amount of photos, but nothing is printed. I can send as many photos as you want that nothing happens, just register that was requested. Example: 0/6, 0/12 and etc ... I mistrusted the program, so I took another hard disk that I have with everything installed and started a recovery. I've performed several recoverys before and have always had success. This time, after having installed all the programs and restarting the computer the QSS30 and main control go up and the software upgrade is executed. However, for the "PRINTER" it registers the message "Abnormal Termination" and the colorimeter shows the error 1801-8000 (Execute software upgrade - Coloimeter Unit -). The colorimeter I can recognize, but the blue bars do not fill the space and stays at 0%. After waiting for the whole process and restarted everything happens the same thing as with the other hard disk: The program goes to "Initializing K001 and stops there. I was in the windows 2000 manager and took the photo, according to appendix . I believe the problem is in some drive or some driver that is not being installed. You can help me with some tips. Note: I do not have disket with colorimeter program. I'm sorry by my english. I used the google translate. Thank you