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  1. SP500 - Fix out of focus scans?

    Thanks so much I didn't know you had replied to my question. I had previously tried the AF settings in the admin and they didn't work so it looks like I will have to find a focussing jig somehow. Thanks again for your help.
  2. SP500 - Fix out of focus scans?

    Hi, I have a Fuji SP500 that I run on a VM on my iMac and it works great. However the focus of the scans seems to not be as good as they should be. They are fine to print and view on screen but looking at 100% they need a lot of sharpening. I have compared the same negative that I have scanned on other machines and there's a marked difference in sharpness. It is very close to correct but it is not getting to the grain level. I have tried the focus offset adjustment in the admin but that only makes a small improvement. Is this fixable by a user in the admin or will I have to get Fuji to look at it. I can see the area in the admin where you can change the pixel movement and get a reading off the CCD etc that seems to be where I need to make the changes but the software asks for a focusing aid which must be something Fuji service people use. Thanks for any help you can offer.