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  1. Hello, I have a new installation of s9 on a new hard disk, then it happens that the system meets too much error just by lighting it meets an error E-2110 when I reset it initializes the machine and I can acceder the menu after a while it meets again an error this time it is E-2109 and when you still want to make an impression another error E-2102 please if there is someone who knows this problem he helps me by the love of God. thank you
  2. CTL23 FR570

    you have to change and put a new one or if you have a good technician brought this home that it arranges you it
  3. S2 install problem

    Hello first install MSDE,IIS,framework restart computer and try s2 When you want to install S2 1. Install OS *One name and organisation you put the name for photo-lab * Name computer : FE-FRONTEND 2. Setting BIOS enable processor if you used xp sp2, if you used win2000 disable 3. Create count : name FRONTIER, password FRONTIER setting count resart the computer 4. Setting windows with path for s2 tools and manually 5. Install MSDE,IIS,FRAMEWORK 6. restart computer 7. Install s2