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  1. Hello friends, I am facing a frustrating problem with my Mini Lab R1. The problem is: every time I start it goes straight away to the P3 checking. In JCS1 shading and penetration is ok, but in JCS2 it just keeps the shading test and does not go on to the penetration test. One friend of mine used to that kind of boards says that the problem can be withe the programming of the epron that some time can go corrupt. But to test it I need a Mini Lab that is working. I am really stuck at this point, tested every cable and is working, I tried to switch the cable from P2 with P3 and tha way, P3 works and P2 does not. Do you have any ideas I can try? Did someone face the same problem? I can really use some fresh ideas. Thank you so much
  2. Hello see this images. On right image from printer setup and left print from laptop windows! And Now? I think that was version incompatible!
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