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  1. Here's all the manuals you'll need to start up and use a Noritsu QSF-T15F / Fujifilm FP150SC. Operator's Manual for Operator Operator's Guide Chemical Mixing Guide
  2. Where do buy chemicals?

    No you don't. You're just a scam artist.
  3. Where do buy chemicals?

    I don't have an operators manual yet, but can someone let me know what chemicals I need to purchase to get a T15F/FP150SC filled from empty? Maybe send me the manual?
  4. FP150 SC Film Processor

    I could use this too! Can someone email it to me?
  5. Where do buy chemicals?

    Perfect, because I'm buying a T15F. So I'm looking at around $100 in chemicals to fill it up and development cost of around $0.50 a roll on average?
  6. Where do buy chemicals?

    I live in Florida. Those living in the USA where's your "go-to" supplier to keep a FP150SC going?
  7. Looking to buy a T15F, advice?

    Yes, my goal is to buy a Noritsu T-15F and use fujifilm cartridges. Where is a good supply for them in the USA?
  8. Looking to buy a T15F, advice?

    The FP150C is just a rebranded Noritsu T15F. They're identical machines but the Noritsu you can buy for dirt cheap.
  9. What should I look for in buying one used? I've never used a processor before and I'm starting up a small lab. I know to avoid the Kodak SM version because SM chems are being discontinued in April 2018, and the RA versions are not happy with small volumes, but the Fuji chemical model really appeals to me since Fuji still makes processors (so the chemicals will be around for a while) and they have new low volume chemicals so I won't be dumping them all the time until I get some business going. So any first time owner advice? Tips? Tricks? After I find one and get it in my hands... what next?
  10. EZ Controller service menu password?

    I'm full EZ 6.7 with dongle and every add on Noritsu has to offer.
  11. EZ Controller service menu password?

    Maybe an older version. I'm on EZ 6.7 on Windows 10. 2260 does nothing, no additional menus.
  12. EZ Controller service menu password?

    2260 does not work to access the EZ Controller Service Menu (click F then F1 - F9 in EZ Controller). 2260 works great for the Scanner service menu by pressing F1-F9 to adjust focus but that's a completely different piece of software and not what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm trying to edit the scan resolutions in EZ Controller.
  13. Does anyone know what it is? I'm using version 6.7 (latest) on Windows 10. I tried the scanner service menu password of 2260 like when you adjust focus but obviously that doesn't work in EZ's service menu or I wouldn't be asking. Thanks!