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  1. PSMCarca

    Ezmain error 132

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my main software Ezmain... When it starts, the main menu shows up without any problem, when I click on "Tirage" (2) or anything else, an error message appears with the error "132". Can someone help me to fix it ? Thank you very much !
  2. PSMCarca

    Frontier 570 on Windows 7

    Pics will tell you more than I can... http://hpics.li/7c37074 http://hpics.li/81ec8c0 http://hpics.li/bad8b39 Yeah I know but after what happened with the old comp, we're going to stop working with them. And that's the beginning of our story... As I said before, if I can't update to windows 7 I'll just stay with windows XP and try to install it on the newer machine by cloning the disk...
  3. PSMCarca

    Frontier 570 on Windows 7

    I have no idea, honestly... My boss is directly working with them. It includes services like repairs and everything, but we pay them monthly too for that, so it doesn't explain the price. And if we're changing the computer ourself, it's because their services askes us for 3500€ to change an old XP machine for another one... What the heck haha... But honestly we won't pay more so if we can't find a free solution here I'll try again with XP and see if it works. Thanks again. If I was there when they first took the 3000€ option I would have said no haha.
  4. PSMCarca

    Frontier 570 on Windows 7

    Hello Minilab service and thank you for your reply. Sincerly sorry for the delai, I was off until yesterday. As far as I know, I have both of them, installed on windows XP, and it includes FDIA AND FE... I guess I have the possibly to install windows XP on the newer machine by bypassing the limits given by the new hardware even if I loose a lot of performances. I'm sorry Yustas but we already paid more than 3000€ in fuji softwares and we're not ready to pay again for the samething, with all my respect. Thanks in advance.
  5. PSMCarca

    Frontier 570 on Windows 7

    Hello everyone, At work we're using a frontier 570 connected to an OLD Windows XP computer and we're considering changing the computer to a better one with windows 7. Could someone help us configure it ? What software do we need to make it work? For the network configuration, we have everything. We just need the softwares to make it work. We have it on the old computers, can we transfert it ? Thanks you very much, PSM Carcassonne