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  1. Foto-Express

    Noritsu QSS-3000 - scanner lamp problem

    I'll have to try that General Electric one. Thank you for your help.
  2. Foto-Express

    Noritsu QSS-3000 - scanner lamp problem

    I'll try that out thank you.
  3. Foto-Express

    Noritsu QSS-3000 - scanner lamp problem

    I actually tried 2 same Osram lamps and I get the same result, the calibration won't finish its work. It just randomly stops and alarms me with an error. But there's no notification what the error is actually. I have no idea what the issue is...
  4. Foto-Express

    Noritsu QSS-3000 - scanner lamp problem

    The thing is, I tried to go for something more affordable. And the problem with buying the original parts is the currency rates. I'd have to pay almost 4 times the amount that is asked for at online stores. So sadly, I will have to try something else.
  5. Hello, I seem to have a problem with the scanner section, or rather the lamp that needs changing? Supposedly it's a halogen, 150W, 15V lamp. I bought one with these exact parameters and the scanner won't take it. As it starts calibrating it, an error occurs and it stops. I tried a different one with the same result. And the problem is quite big as the current state of the scanned films is terrible. As the well lit photos are quite alright (though dull and weirdly colored), the darker ones turn out horrible (some examples of the scans in the attachments). Does anyone have any ideas what's wrong? I would like to avoid a visit from the service worker as he insists that the connections and the whole area where the lamp is is dirty and that's why. But I've cleaned it thoroughly many times and nothing's changed. Compared to my other, much older minilab, it's like night and day what comes out after it's scanned and/or printed...
  6. Foto-Express

    Adding sources of file selection? Noritsu QSS 3000

    The thing is I've started working with this machine like 4 months ago and it's my first time using it. Whenever something breaks I lose a few years of my life, haha. And I've got shaky hands whenever I have to do anything with it. Still, if you say so then it'll be fine. I'm using Windows 7 on both computers, the PC and laptop. If I, by any chance screw up the naming of all the things, I'll just have to connect it to the network via windows settings?
  7. I have no idea what to call this but I would like to save up some money and not call any "repairman" for this. You see, it seems like I will have to fix my laptop's OS and that means going back to nothing. Thus I will need to reconnect it to the minilab as a source of files. Could anyone tell me how this can be done? I don't want to mess anything up and the minilab is like a mysterious beast...