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  1. kouadrikhaled

    Frontier 350

    thank you very much, i will try to look in this direction i will sign you
  2. kouadrikhaled

    Frontier 350

    hello Minilab service, thank you for your answer, so the mini lab restarts even if the FMPC is off, I still can not detect the fault, where should I dig?
  3. kouadrikhaled

    Frontier 350

    I tell you that it is my client who has this problem and my other engineering colleagues ingeigneurs do not know the exact location of the processor, and even if there is really a processor
  4. kouadrikhaled

    Frontier 350

    je vous dit que ç'est mon client qui à ce problème et mes autres collègues tecniciens ingeigneurs ne connaissent pas le lieu exacte du processeur, et meme s'il ya vraiment un processeur
  5. kouadrikhaled

    Frontier 350

    hello, thank you for your answers, the processor and its fan are in which compartment
  6. kouadrikhaled

    Frontier 350

    hello, happy new year, I hope you are well, I have a customer who has a problem with his machine fujifilm frontier 350 (lp1500) that restarts alone, I cleaned him the power supply block (alfa 400 and alfa 600) but the problem persists, I can not find the damaged part, I hope you can help me, thank you in advance