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  1. Fuji SP-500 XPan format

    Thanks! Unfortunately (or not) in the meantime I purchased Noritsu LS-600 scanner since the operator/owner of the SP-500 I was interested in didn't know how to do this...
  2. Fuji SP-500 XPan format

    So, let me rephrase, is it possible to scan one frame with certain settings and transfer that exact settings to another frame(s). I could then scan left part of the frame with the same settings as the right part of the frame and merge two parts in Photoshop. I worry that Fuji software would invert and apply different colour rendition to left and right part (let say that the left part of the panoramic shot contains much brighter subjects/objects)... Any thoughts?
  3. Fuji SP-500 XPan format

    Hi, this is my first post here! I'm considering getting a Fuji SP-500 and since I also shoot panoramic format in my Hasselblad XPan camera I'm trying to establish whether it is possible to scan this format (24x65mm) on SP-500? From the information I was able to gather so far, there is no built-in support for full panoramic format. Would it be possible to scanning one panoramic frame into two scans (left side and then right side of the pano frame)? I could the merge the two files in Photoshop. Thank you for your help and thoughts on this!