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  1. Looks like there is a scanner PC included - and yes, he says it is working. With a backup, you mean an extra scanner to use for parts? Can any PC be used as a server? The carriers included are the diffusion box and for several types of film. You probably know better than me, so I'll attach the pictures.
  2. U P D A T E ! I sent an email asking if there really was not a scanner PC included, and he showed me these pictures. That probably makes things easier? All I need now is a extra PC to be used as a server - is that correct? And do I still need to install software? I'm sorry for all my questions, but I really have no experience with these machines. I'm very happy for all the help I can get. - Matt.
  3. Hi Yustas! Thank you very much for the fast and very kind reply. The seller has only this device, and he usually sells Noritsu. He has no experience with these scanners and says that it will be my responsibility to connect it and set it up. That's why I'm asking here if anyone has any good advice about how to get it to work. I will double check to see if there is a scanner PC inside. I'm looking to use this scanner as a scan to file only. No printing. I assume that's what you call a stand alone unit? He's asking about 3000$ for the scanner. How much should the discount be if it's sold without the scanner PC? And if there is no scanner PC - can you connect a regular windows PC? Thank you so much for your reply. - Matt.
  4. Hi! I'm thinking about buying a Fujifilm Frontier SP-3000. However, I need to know if it will aqquire som additional costs. I attached the picture the seller has in the listing. He says that the scanner does not come with a PC, due to the fact that the PC was sold with the machine it was connected to. I'm assuming he had a printer connected to it, and that the machine was sold along with the printer? So from what I understand this is a scanner with no computer. Is is hard to connect a new computer and install the drivers? What will the additional cost be? If anyone has any idea, I gladly appreciate some help. As I said - I'm new to this and doesn't know much about it. But I'm hoping someone in here knows. :-) - Matt
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