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  1. samgray96

    Ms 4.2 dx100

    @Minilab service I sent you a PM
  2. Hi, I'm just looking for some advice as I don't particulaly want to shell out multiple thousand £ for new kiosks. We have 2 DPC6 Kiosks which are running Windows XP and Fujifilm Imagine software, one has already been upgraded to have 2GB system memory and also a 120GB SSD. What I am wondering is as I have a fairly good tech knowledge is how easy it would be to install the Fujifilm software onto new hardware if I was to replace the motherboard etc with a newer model (still would cost significantly less than buying new kiosks and be more powerful!), I can imagine with the right passwords and access to the software or even just an image of one of the newer DPC kiosks running Windows 7/10 I could figure it out, Fuji of course are no help as they want you to spend money! does anyone have a copy of the recovery disc? even just the one for the DPC6 would be handy to at least do a fresh install as after 8 years the OS is pretty gunked up as i'm sure you can imagine! Thanks
  3. Okay i'm sorry, Are you able to provide me with a copy?
  4. yustas are you able to share with me?
  5. I've actually never checked which nozzle is clogged, it just tells me that its performing a head clean when you do the first print, first couple of weeks were okay but after that it does it every day, this particular machine is 3 months old and on 33,000 prints
  6. Does anyone have this? Thanks
  7. samgray96

    Password Ms01 V3.1

    btw if you need to get back in again the password is operator
  8. Automatically does a headclean every morning before the first print even on weekdays when it was used the day before. Turn on in the morning run all day then turn off when we close. average 700 a day sometimes more, most in a day is 2600.
  9. Hi, we have a problem with our Fuji SP500 scanner where most of the time on Colour Negative mode the initial preview just comes up black and you cannot see to line up the first frame of the film, any ideas? Appologies if this is a stupid question Thanks in advance
  10. samgray96

    DX 100

    I feel your pain, we have a Fuji DX-100 which is still away for repair, had to buy a second one to avoid downtime... here is our timeline: We do on average 10,000 prints/month We got our first DX-100 on 6th September 2016... first issue was at around 110,000 prints we got a warning saying the ink feed tubes were reaching the end of their service life... contacted Veritek support and they reset the count remotely... when we got to 190,000 prints about 10 months into ownership the printhead went, we were down for 3 weeks and lost out on about £3500 business, still trying to make it up now... then in November 2017 not very long after we got the printer back from having the new printhead fitted we get the warning saying about the ink tubes reaching the end of their service life... We alerted Veritek and continued printing until time was up, about 26,000 prints if I remember correctly, then we were told we would have to ship the printer back to their lab! again! Needless to say we could not afford any more downtime so we managed to get a deal on another DX-100 direct from Fuji which arrived at the end of November and we were only down for about 4 days, fastforward to now, that printer is on 33,000 prints and we have no sign as to when our other DX-100 will be back, if ever, apparently they have a constant nozzle block problem with it and are replacing parts left right and centre, the only thing i can be thankful for is that we have a service contract which includes all parts and labour! So the moral of the story is that after our experience I do NOT recommend these printers to anyone who does any more than 500 prints a week as they only have a "Service Life" of 100,000 prints (Something they do not tell you in the brochures!) and especially not at the £3800 price tag. The Epson isn't so bad at £2500 but still pretty much throw away at 100k
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